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Adam J. Jackson

As a young boy, Adam J. Jackson was plagued by the skin disorder psoriasis. From acute physical and social suffering, he went on to develop one of the world's most successful non-steroid treatments for the condition, and now helps thousands of fellow sufferers. Adam is now an internationally renowned therapist, motivational speaker and author. His SECRETS OF ABUNDANT HEALTH, WEALTH AND HAPPINESS series has been translated in 27 languages. Adam has appeared on GMTV, The Big Breakfast and Kilroy Silk and has also been featured in the Sunday Express, Today, GQ and Here's Health.
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The Flipside

Adam J. Jackson
Adam J. Jackson

Every cloud can have a silver lining...Renowned therapist, motivational speaker and No. 1 bestselling author Adam J. Jackson helps readers turn negative experiences into positive, life-affirming outcomes through a series of inspirational stories from around the world. The Flipside is your passport to a brighter, more positive future.Those inspired by Adam J. Jackson's bestselling series The Secrets of Abundant Health, Wealth, Love & Happiness, Tim Harford's Adapt or Matthew Syed's Black Box Thinking will find The Flipside utterly compelling and motivational. A setback can change the course of your life. But why should the change be a negative one? Challenges and obstacles are part of life, but while some wilt under pressure, others rise to the occasion. Could it be there is a method for overcoming adversity and turning failure into success?The flipside is the hidden opportunity inside each problem - an opportunity so powerful that it dwarfs the original difficulty. The Flipside is full of life-affirming stories from around the world. It will change the way you look at adversity, and help you turn setbacks into new chances.What readers are saying about The Flipside: 'A fascinating read which left me with a feeling of optimism and well-being. An uplifting read and one I highly recommend' Amazon reviewer, 5 stars'This is a highly readable, easy to digest book - a collection of how a variety of people found themselves in unexpected challenging situations and what they did about it. I found it thought provoking and useful' Amazon reviewer, 5 stars'Adam J. Jackson did a great job of writing a very inspiring book about dealing with adversity and finding the hidden opportunities in adversity' Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars