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Alastair Dryburgh

Alastair Dryburgh is CEO of Akenhurst Consultants and a regular contributor to Management Today. After studying maths at Cambridge, he joined Ernst & Young as a trainee accountant and spent two years in Italy before joining Pearson as an internal consultant. He became commerical director of subsidiary Churchill Communications Europe and left after the company was sold to start his own business.
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Everything You Know About Business is Wrong

Alastair Dryburgh
Alastair Dryburgh

To be brilliant in business you have to dare to be different. It means going against the grain, taking risks and never giving up despite the challenges hurled at you. EVERYTHING YOU KNOW ABOUT BUSINESS IS WRONG is the bible for the unconventional business brain who won't accept anything but excellence. Based on the ideas in the author's pithy column 'Don't You Believe It' for Management Today, Alastair Dryburgh takes modern business myths and blows them apart. Did you know that: Cost cutting is a bad way to boost profits? That you shouldn't always give 110%? Incentives don't encourage people to do useful things? So much of what we learn about business is plain wrong. It's time to challenge your assumptions and learn about the things that will help you be successful.