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Tim Campbell is the former graduate management trainee who wowed Sir Alan Sugar and audiences to win the first UK series of The Apprentice. Tim worked at Amstrad for two years before leaving to set up with The Bright Ideas Trust with co-author Paul Humphries. Paul has bags of experience in business development and was involved in starting online bank Egg and the sports index Opta. Tim is fast developing a reputation as the voice of young Britain and the acceptable face of business. He is a Cabinet Office Social Enterprise Ambassador, a Child Ambassador for London and was voted a Young Gun by the Growing Business Awards.
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What's Your Bright Idea?

Tim Campbell, Paul Humphries
Tim Campbell, Paul Humphries

Starting your own business can be the most liberating, fulfilling step you've ever taken but you need a trusted guide, particularly in the tricky, early stages. Many start-up books focus on the mechanics of running a business, without really giving you insight into how you get to that point in the first place.That's where WHAT'S YOUR BRIGHT IDEA? comes in. Both authors have considerable experience of new business ventures. They offer an honest, waffle-free assessment of what's required to set up a business, and give you plenty of sound advice along the way. Going into business involves a lot of hard work, but it should also be fun too, and WHAT'S YOUR BRIGHT IDEA? will help stimulate the vital sense of adventure required to make a success of possibly the most significant journey of your life.