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Alicia Erian

Alicia Erian was born in New York to an Egyptian father and American mother. She has worked as a film director and screenwriter - her script WALK LIKE AN EGYPTIAN has attracted interest from Julia Roberts production company, amongst others. She has had a story published in Francis Ford Coppola's magazine Zoetrope, which he has optioned. Alicia has briefly worked in Ireland, and in London, where she worked for a month in the accounts department of Books Etc.
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Alicia Erian
Alicia Erian

Funny, disturbing, completely compelling, TOWELHEAD was picked as a New York Times Notable Book of 2005. Jasira, a teenaged Arab-American girl, is sent away by her mother to live with her father, after the mother's boyfriend begins paying her too much attention. But Jasira's father is unable to show her the affection she craves, or to handle her feelings about her rapidly changing body. America is about to go to war in Kuwait, and Jasira becomes ever more isolated at school, and begins to look for love in all the wrong places. Mr Vuoso, a neighbour and army reservist who catches her looking at his copy of Playboy while she is babysitting his son, is quick to take advantage of her vulnerability. Things look very bad for Jasira until a pregnant neighbour, Melina, offers her a lifeline, and in the novel's hilarious, and heartbreaking climax, manages to bring father and daughter, finally, a little closer to one another.