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Rhyannon Styles

Rhyannon Styles is a journalist, performance artist and musician. Her ground-breaking Elle column, 'The New Girl', charts her journey from male to female, where she bares all about her experience of transitioning. In her colourful life as a performer, career highlights include a show at the Guggenheim Museum NYC, dancing with Kylie Minogue on ITV and rollerskating naked at the Barbican art gallery. A star of the transgender community, Rhyannon was name-checked on Independent's Rainbow List as 'One to Watch'.

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Elle column: www.elleuk.com/tags/rhyannon-styles

Website: www.rhyannonstyles.com

Twitter: @rhyannonstyles

Instagram: @rhyannon_styles

YouTube: /RStyles

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The New Girl: A Trans Girl Tells It Like It Is

Rhyannon Styles
Rhyannon Styles