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Lynn York was born in North Carolina in 1957. She grew up in foothills of the Blue Ridge in Pilot Mountain, NC, moving to High Point, NC, just in time for a high school career as a notorious journalist and marching band member. She was educated at Duke University where she earned an undergraduate degree in English and French.

She was employed briefly as a textbook sales representative before seeking refuge at the University of Texas at Austin where she received a graduate business degree and, for good measure, a Master's degree in communications policy. She lived in Washington, DC, working in the international telecommunications industry until small children and the promise of decent vegetables and a yard with grass brought her back to North Carolina in 1995. She lives now in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

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The Sweet Life

Lynn York
Lynn York

Everyone loves a love story: and that's what they'll find in the heart of this delicious novel set in the Blue Ridge mountains, as well as humour, warmth and drama.Wilma Swan married for love the second time around (the less said about her late first husband the better, though she's glad she knew him as otherwise her granddaughter Star wouldn't be a joyful part of her life), and she and Roy have been happy as can be. But lately, things have changed, and Wilma's convinced Roy is playing away. In a town the size of Swan's Knob nothing stays secret for long and she's braced for shocking revelations. In fact Roy's heading for a crisis which will test them both and have a lasting impact on the community around them - bringing out the caring side of the local people as well as the opportunity for human nature to show its every aspect. Twisting and turning with surprises in every chapter, Lynn York's lovely new novel will keep readers gripped, and leave them on a high.