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Des O'Connor was born in Stepney, in the East End of London. He was evacuated to Northampton during the war, worked as a Redcoat at Butlin's and made his stage debut in 1953 at the Palace Theatre in Newcastle. Today he is a star entertainer, singer, comedian and chat show host who has made record-breaking appearances at almost every major venue in the world and performs regularly in Australia, New Zealand, the USA and Canada. He has released an astonishing 34 albums and sold over 15 million records. The Des O'Connor Show has been going strong for 39 years and is the third most watched TV show of all time. It is shown in 44 countries and its vast and eclectic list of celebrity guests includes Prince Edward, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion and Robert Redford among many others.
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Bananas Can't Fly!

Des O'connor
Des O'connor