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  • By Grace McCrum Working in Rights 16 September, 2016

    Grace from our Rights team answers a few quick-fire questions about life in the department.

  • By Marion Donaldson How I Got Into Publishing 12 August, 2016

    Marion Donaldson, an Executive Publisher at Headline, takes us through how she got into publishing.

  • Happy 30th Birthday Headline! 08 July, 2016

    Headline is 30 years old! And we celebrated the best way we know how - with a party.

  • by Millie Seaward Working in Publicity 01 July, 2016

    A Q&A with Millie Seaward, who works in Headline's Press Office

  • By Rebecca Bader Working in Sales 10 June, 2016

    Rebecca, a member of our Sales team, takes us through some quick-fire knowledge of working in Sales.

  • Posted by Sarah Badhan JOURNEY OF THE BOOK, PART 3: Production 27 May, 2016

    For the third stop on our book tour, Sarah takes us through what happens once a book is ready to be produced.

  • By Radiya Hafiza What I'm Reading... Apart From My Emails 13 May, 2016

    Radiya, a member of the Headline Editorial department, gives us some recommendations from her recent reading.

  • By Holly Harris How to get a Job in Publishing 22 April, 2016

    Assistant Editor Holly Harris gives her take on how to nab a job in book publishing.

  • By Abbie Salter Working in Marketing 08 April, 2016

    Marketing Assistant Abbie gives us the low-down on what her job entails...

  • Posted by Laura Hall JOURNEY OF THE BOOK, PART 2: Creating the cover 18 March, 2016

    The journey of the book continues... This stop, Laura Hall, a designer in the creative team, talks about the process of designing a book cover.

  • Phoebe Swinburn Cake: A Slice of Childhood Memories 04 March, 2016

    In honour of Mother's Day, and the publication of Alysa Levene's CAKE, Headline staff members share some of their family recipes.

  • by Katie Bradburn Launching Jill Mansell's 'You and Me, Always' 05 February, 2016

    Celebrating the launch of 'You and Me, Always' at Carmelite House

  • Posted by Sherise Hobbs JOURNEY OF THE BOOK, PART 1: Falling in love with a submission 25 January, 2016

    The journey of a book starts when an editor falls head-over-heels in love with it. We asked Sherise Hobbs, an editor in Headline's fiction team, what she looks for in a submission...

  • Katie Bradburn A Christmas Reading List 18 December, 2015

    Stuck for ideas on what to read over the holidays? Here's what one of Headline's Publicity Assistants will be reading this Christmas.

  • Posted by Laura Esslemont Working in Production 04 December, 2015

    We asked Laura, a member of Headline's Production team, to talk us through how she started out in publishing, and what her day-to-day experience entails.

  • The Wit and Wisdom of Downton Abbey An Evening with Downton Abbey 20 November, 2015

    Headline is the proud publisher of the Downton Abbey tie-in books, and it is with great sadness we will say goodbye to the series that stole the nation's heart.

  • Posted by Emma Holtz The Five Best Things About Working With Headline Authors 06 November, 2015

    Emma Holtz from Editorial tells us what it's like to work with authors on a day-to-day basis.

  • Posted by Sara and Frankie A Day at the Printers 23 October, 2015

    The day Headline went Claysy

  • Posted by Jo Liddiard H is for History at Harrogate 09 October, 2015

    All Of the H for History team are looking forward to the Harrogate History Festival at the end of October. Throughout the weekend there will be fascinating panels and events with both fiction and non-fiction authors – and three of these are sponsored by H for History to raise the profile of our historical authors from across the four divisions currently involved.

  • Katie Bradburn A Day in the Life of a Publicity Assistant 18 September, 2015

    Find out what life is like as a Publicity Assistant at Headline.



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