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    • ISBN:9780755372263
    • Publication date:12 Nov 2009
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    • ISBN:9780755337941
    • Publication date:25 Sep 2006

The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox

By Maggie O'Farrell

  • Paperback
  • £8.99

An impassioned, intense, haunting family drama from the author of AFTER YOU'D GONE and THE HAND THAT FIRST HELD MINE.

THE VANISHING ACT OF ESME LENNOX is vintage Maggie O'Farrell: a stunning imagining of a life stolen, and reclaimed.

Edinburgh in the 1930s. The Lennox family is having trouble with its youngest daughter. Esme is outspoken, unconventional, and repeatedly embarrasses them in polite society. Something will have to be done.

Years later, a young woman named Iris Lockhart receives a letter informing her that she has a great-aunt in a psychiatric unit who is about to be released.

Iris has never heard of Esme Lennox and the one person who should know more, her grandmother Kitty, seems unable to answer Iris's questions. What could Esme have done to warrant a lifetime in an institution? And how is it possible for a person to be so completely erased from a family's history?

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  • ISBN: 9780755308446
  • Publication date: 17 May 2007
  • Page count: 288
  • Imprint: Headline Review
'Actually unputdownable, written with charge and energy and a kind of compelling drive, a clarity and a gripping dramatic insidiousness reminiscent of classic Daphne du Maurier' — Ali Smith
'O'Farrell's subtlety and delicate touch have never been so finely demonstrated' — Independent on Sunday
'Mesmerisingly good' — Daily Mail
'O'Farrell's story-telling skills ensure that this novel is compulsively readable, and delivers strong emotional punch' — Telegraph