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A Cook's Tour of Scotland

By Sue Lawrence

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A stunning guide and celebration of the Scottish landscape, its history and its food from the queen of Scottish cooking

Award-winning food writer Sue Lawrence has taken up the baton in praise of Scotland's produce. Travelling the length and breadth of Scotland, sheseeks out all the great raw ingredients Scotland has to offer. From cockles harvested on Barra and venison from the Highlands, to seaweed picked on Auchmithie beach and lamb from Shetland, Sues celebration of Scottish produce reveals a cornucopia of culinary delights. She has journeyed all over the country to meet the people who farm and produce its food. An Orkney barley miller, a Stornoway black pudding butcher, an Isle of Mull cheese producer, a Dundee sausage-maker and a Brora jam-maker are just a few of the many Scottish food heroes she meets.

A celebration of the Scottish landscape and history, as well as its food, A Cooks Tour of Scotland contains 120 delicious recipes and is not only a must for anyone visiting Scotland's shores but deserves a place on the cookery shelves of anyone who loves seasonal, healthy, freshly grown, caught or farmed food.

Biographical Notes

Sue Lawrence won Masterchef in 1991 and now writes a regular column for Scotland on Sunday and Scotland magazine. She was the President of the Guild of Food Writers from 2004-2007. She was the Sunday Times columnist and has also written for Sainsburys magazine, Woman & Home, Country Living and BBC Good Food magazine, and can be seen regularly on British and Australian television talking about Scottish food and traditions. She won the Regional Writer Glenfiddich Food and Drink Award for her work in Scotland on Sunday and her first book Scots Cooking was also an award winner.

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  • ISBN: 9780755314188
  • Publication date: 06 Mar 2008
  • Page count: 224

Sue Lawrence's Book of Baking

Sue Lawrence

Everyone dreams of a home in which the smells of baking are part of everyday life. Warm bread at breakfast, homemade Florentines for tea, Tomato and Tapenade Tart for supper and Dark Muscovado Brownies are the kind of treats that make for happy occasions with family and friends. Sue Lawrence is often called the 'Queen of Baking'; her passion for the subject, and her knowledge of Scottish cookery, are legendary. In her new book, she includes easy recipes for the new and now such as Ciabatta and Ricotta Citrus Cake, as well as the old favourites like Victoria Sponge. Catering for every kind of cook, be they an Aga-lover or a bread-machine devotee, this is a must for everyone's kitchen shelf.

Hachette Scotland

Taste Ye Back

Sue Lawrence

This is a gem of a book. Sue Lawrence has interviewed 70 prominent Scots and unlocked their beloved memories of food and what it was like for them growing up. She talks to them about their families, their home and their relationship with food. Most of the childhoods of the twentieth century are represented here, and include celebrities as diverse as Ewan McGregor, Gordon Brown, Hardeep Singh Koli, AL Kennedy, Andy Murray, Sharleen Spiteri and Gordon Ramsay. They reminisce about their mum's cullen skink, their dad's roast and their granny's shortbread which Sue tests out and brings right up to date as only Sue can. With a mellow nostalgic tone running through the interviews and recipes, you can't help but be inspired to make it how it used to be made.


Scots Cooking

Sue Lawrence

From Arbroath fisherman's soup to Hebridean lamb with skirlie stuffing, Scottish cookery is famed for its honest, strong flavours and traditional, unpretentious ingredients. The names say it all: haggis; neeps and tatties; cullen skink; partan bree; Forfar bridies; apple frushie; and - no translation needed - whisky and honey ice cream. Sue Lawrence has collected together over 200 of the best regional recipes, using only fresh local ingredients such as the fish, beef, lamb and venison for which Scotland is famous. Interspersed with fascinating stories about the origins of the dishes, this is a mine of time-honoured recipes, which are still as fresh and delicious as when they were first devised.


Sue Lawrence's Scottish Kitchen

Sue Lawrence

Sue Lawrence

Sue Lawrence won Masterchef in 1991 and was the President of the Guild of Food Writers from 2004 to 2007. She wrote a regular column for Scotland on Sunday and Scotland magazine and was also the Sunday Times food columnist. She has written for Sainsbury's magazine, Woman & Home, Country Living and BBC Good Food magazine and appears regularly on radio and television talking about Scottish food and traditions. She won the Regional Writer Glenfiddich Food and Drink Award in 2003 for her work in Scotland on Sunday and is the author of SUE LAWRENCE'S SCOTTISH KITCHEN, BOOK OF BAKING and the award-winning SCOTS COOKING.Sue Lawrence lives in Edinburgh with her husband and three children.

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Eating In

Sue Lawrence

Much loved TV cook Sue Lawrence (MASTERCHEF Winner, STV's THE HOUR) returns with an indispensable guide to preparing stunning meals in your own home.From a New Year's Day Breakfast, to a romantic anniversary dinner, from a Book club supper to catering for the Rugby team at short notice and from a cheap and easy midweek tea to a Christmas lunch with all the trimmings EATING IN will guide you effortlessly through over 100 brand new recipes.

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Caledonia Dreaming

John Kv Eunson

So what have the Scots ever done for the world then?Well, most people will know about John Logie Baird (inventor of television), Alexander Graham Bell (the telephone) and Alexander Fleming (penicillin).But what about Alexander Cummings from Edinburgh? It would be hard to imagine getting through the day without using his invention - the flushing toilet. Or how about William Cullen from Glasgow? There would be a lot of sour milk (and warm beer) without the first man to demonstrate artificial refrigeration.And then there's Alexander Bain from Caithness? Can anyone really imagine a world without his invention - the fax machine? The list goes on and on; Janet Keillor from Dundee (marmalade), James Clerk Maxwell from Edinburgh (radio waves), John Reith from Stonehaven (the BBC), James Black from Uddingston (beta-blockers) James Bowman Lindsay from Angus (light bulbs), James Goodfellow from Paisley (the ATM), Dugald Clerk from Glasgow (the two-stroke engine), Alexander McRae from the Kyle of Lochalsh (speedos), James Blyth from Kincardineshire (the first electricity producing wind turbine). Caledonia Dreaming tells the often frankly unbelievable stories behind these discoveries and looks at how they, along with the writers, philosophers, philanthropists and bankers of Scotland have left their unique, indelible mark on the modern world.


Eat & Drink

Olly Smith

The Fabulous Baker Brothers: Glorious British Grub

Henry Herbert, Tom Herbert

Let down by soggy scones? Fed up of lank salads? Well despair no more, for the Fabulous Baker Brothers are here to rescue us from tired fish'n'chips and burnt burgers forever.Fresh from inspiring a whole new generation of bakers, Tom and Henry Herbert are back with a new mission: to revitalise British heartland cooking. Taking traditional dishes from coddled eggs, sausage rolls and bourbon biscuits to shepherd's pie, sticky toffee pudding and Welsh rarebit, the boys show us how their unique, modern twists on old classics can turn our familiar faithfuls into delicious treats to fill the belly and warm the soul.Packed full of brand new recipes and accompanying their new TV series, this book will have you throwing away your takeaway menus, donning your aprons and falling back in love with British food.

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Tony Singh

Rosie Wallace

Rosie Wallace was brought up in Milngavie, near Glasgow but has lived on Orkney since her marriage to Jim Wallace, MP for Orkney and Shetland, bringing up their two daughters. She is a speech and language therapist, and since 2003 has been working freelance, specialising in dyslexia. In 2007, her husband stood down from the Scottish Parliament and was appointed to the House of Lords, so she acquired a title which is only used occasionally!Rosie's interests include cooking, travelling and walking.

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A Small Town Affair

Rosie Wallace
Hachette Scotland

The Trouble with Keeping Mum

Rosie Wallace
Stornoway - 'Knock Me On The Head'




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