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    • ISBN:9780755356997
    • Publication date:06 Jun 2013
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Pray for the Dying (Bob Skinner series, Book 23)

An intricate and thrilling Scottish mystery

By Quintin Jardine

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In a case that takes him from Glasgow to London, Edinburgh's toughest cop Bob Skinner faces one of the most challenging cases of his career in Pray for the Dying, Quintin Jardine's gripping crime thriller.

Family ties can hide deep wounds...

Bob Skinner uncovers a trail of evil in Pray for the Dying, Quintin Jardine's gripping crime thriller. Perfect for fans of Ian Rankin and James Oswald.

'Jardine's 23rd Bob Skinner mystery showcases the shrewd and personable Edinburgh cop at his relentless best' - Publishers Weekly

The killing was an expert hit. Three shots through the head, as the lights dimmed at a celebrity concert in Glasgow. A most public crime, and Edinburgh Chief Constable Bob Skinner is right in the centre of the storm, as it breaks over the Strathclyde force.

The shooters are dead too, killed at the scene. But who sent them?

The crisis finds Skinner, his private life shattered by the shocking end of his marriage, taking a step that he had sworn he never would. Tasked by Scotland's First Minister with the investigation of the outrage, he finds himself quickly uncovering some very murky deeds. The trail leads to London, where national issues compromise the hunt. Skinner has to rattle the bars of the most formidable cage in the country, and go head to head with its leading power brokers, a confrontation that seems too much, even for him. Can the Chief solve the most challenging mystery of his career... or will failure end it?

What readers are saying about Pray for the Dying:

'Gripping from the moment I started reading... twists and turns all the way through it that leave you guessing right to the end. Fantastic book'

'A page turner from the first word to the last'

'An intricate plot, very well thought out and executed - enthralling'

Biographical Notes

Quintin Jardine was born once upon a time in the West - of Scotland rather than America, but still he grew to manhood as a massive Sergio Leone fan. On the way there he was educated, against his will, in Glasgow, where he ditched a token attempt to study law for more interesting careers in journalism, government propaganda, and political spin-doctoring. After a close call with the Brighton Bomb in 1984, he moved into the even riskier world of media relations consultancy, before realising that all along he had been training to become a crime writer. Now, forty novels later, he never looks back.

Along the way he has created/acquired an extended family in Scotland and Spain. Everything he does is for them.

He can be tracked down through his blog: http://quintinjardine.me

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  • ISBN: 9780755357062
  • Publication date: 06 Jun 2013
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  • Imprint: Headline
Praise for Quintin Jardine: Jardine's 23rd Bob Skinner mystery showcases the shrewd and personable Edinburgh cop at his relentless best — Publishers Weekly
If Ian Rankin is the Robert Carlyle of Scottish crime writers, then Jardine is surely its Sean Connery — Glasgow Herald
If you're looking for a detective whose personal life is as active, contradictory and complicated as his job then follow the Edinburgh exploits of Deputy Chief Constable Bob Skinner in Quintin Jardine's Skinner series — Radio Times
A complex and suspenseful saga that never flags from start to finish — Bolton Evening News
Gritty cop drama that makes Taggart look tame — Northern Echo
More twists and turns than TV's Taggart at its best — Stirling Observer
Deplorably readable — Guardian
Compelling stuff — Oxford Times