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    • ISBN:9780755357123
    • Publication date:07 Nov 2013
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    • Publication date:17 Jul 2014

As Serious As Death (Primavera Blackstone series, Book 5)

A thrilling mystery of revenge and conspiracy

By Quintin Jardine

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An investigation into a shady businessman unearths more than a few surprises in Quintin Jardine's As Serious as Death, the sixth mystery to feature Primavera Blackstone.

A blast from the present...

Primavera Blackstone faces problems from both her past and her present in Quintin Jardine's gripping mystery As Serious as Death. Perfect for fans of Ian Rankin and Peter Robinson.

Primavera Blackstone has found a hard-earned contentment in a small Spanish village by the sea. A fiercely protective single mother, she doesn't appreciate an offer of marriage. Nor does she welcome the arrival of a blast from her murky Scottish past, retired cop Ricky Ross, now a private detective and working for Jack Weighley, millionaire owner of a budget airline. Jack is a powerful, persuasive man with deep pockets, someone you don't say 'no' to without considering the consequences.

Primavera teams up with Ricky to investigate a series of mystery assaults on Jack's aircraft. Are they mere acts of vandalism, or the sinister work of Catalan extremists? When Ricky's car is fire-bombed and he narrowly escapes with his life, more questions arise... not least, why is the Spanish Special Branch involved? As Primavera and Ricky are drawn into events, and the body count rises, she begins to understand the true meaning of 'till death us do part'.

What readers are saying about As Serious as Death:

'An intriguing and involving read... with characters that are immediately familiar'

'Easy and engaging reading with clever plot development and intriguing twists and turns'

'Coupled with romance and intrigue, murder and general mayhem, [this] makes for a fantastic read'

Biographical Notes

Quintin Jardine was born once upon a time in the West - of Scotland rather than America, but still he grew to manhood as a massive Sergio Leone fan. On the way there he was educated, against his will, in Glasgow, where he ditched a token attempt to study law for more interesting careers in journalism, government propaganda, and political spin-doctoring. After a close call with the Brighton Bomb in 1984, he moved into the even riskier world of media relations consultancy, before realising that all along he had been training to become a crime writer. Now, forty novels later, he never looks back.

Along the way he has created/acquired an extended family in Scotland and Spain. Everything he does is for them.

He can be tracked down through his blog: http://quintinjardine.me

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  • ISBN: 9780755357154
  • Publication date: 07 Nov 2013
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  • Imprint: Headline
Praise for Quintin Jardine: If Ian Rankin is the Robert Carlyle of Scottish crime writers, then Jardine is surely its Sean Connery — Glasgow Herald
Deplorably readable — Guardian