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  • Paperback £8.99
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    • ISBN:9781472205728
    • Publication date:07 Sep 2017
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    • ISBN:9781472205735
    • Publication date:20 Apr 2017
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    • ISBN:9781472216939
    • Publication date:20 Apr 2017
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Game Over (Bob Skinner series, Book 27)

A gritty Edinburgh mystery full of murder and intrigue

By Quintin Jardine

  • Paperback
  • £14.99

Edinburgh's toughest cop returns - the twenty-seventh mystery in Quintin Jardine's ever-popular Bob Skinner series.

'Quintin Jardine's slick and suspenseful Edinburgh-set series has never failed to keep me riveted... Game Over ... starts with a bang and doesn't let up till the last sentence... One of Jardine's best' Globe and Mail

GAME OVER is the twenty-seventh gripping Bob Skinner mystery from crime master Quintin Jardine, author of HOUR OF DARKNESS, LAST RESORT, PRIVATE INVESTIGATIONS and many more.

'Another cracker from Jardine...There are plenty of twists and turns along the way to keep you engrossed' Scots Magazine

When supermodel Annette Bordeaux is found battered and strangled in her Edinburgh flat, former Chief Constable Bob Skinner's old team instantly have a global case on their hands.

The victim's husband, world-renowned footballer and recent Merrytown FC signing, is quickly discounted as a suspect. But there are others in the club with less watertight alibis...

Two years out of the game, Skinner can't help getting his hands dirty. And as his old team work to convict the prime suspect, his own daughter, Alex, is the lawyer tasked with leading the defence.

The opposing sides must work to find the culprit while the press watch on. But in this game, no one can be trusted, and there are murkier deeds still to uncover before the final whistle blows...

Biographical Notes

Quintin Jardine was born once upon a time in the West - of Scotland rather than America, but still he grew to manhood as a massive Sergio Leone fan. On the way there he was educated, against his will, in Glasgow, where he ditched a token attempt to study law for more interesting careers in journalism, government propaganda, and political spin-doctoring. After a close call with the Brighton Bomb in 1984, he moved into the even riskier world of media relations consultancy, before realising that all along he had been training to become a crime writer. Now, forty novels later, he never looks back.

Along the way he has created/acquired an extended family in Scotland and Spain. Everything he does is for them.

He can be tracked down through his blog: http://quintinjardine.me

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  • ISBN: 9781472205711
  • Publication date: 20 Apr 2017
  • Page count: 448
  • Imprint: Headline
I love the Bob Skinner novels. Quintin Jardine's slick and suspenseful Edinburgh-set series has never failed to keep me riveted... Starts with a bang and doesn't let up till the last sentence — Globe and Mail
A Scottish Alex Cross .... Brilliantly written to leave you guessing right up to the end — @Ilovereadinguk
Another cracker from Jardine... Plenty of twists and turns along the way to keep you engrossed — Scots Magazine
Praise for Quintin Jardine's previous novels: 'If Ian Rankin is the Robert Carlyle of Scottish crime writers, then Jardine is surely its Sean Connery' — Glasgow Herald
Very engaging as well as ingenious, and the unraveling of the mystery is excellently done — Allan Massie, Scotsman
Well constructed, fast-paced, Jardine's narrative has many an ingenious twist and turn — Observer
Remarkably assured, raw-boned, a tour de force — New York Times
If you're looking for a detective whose personal life is as active, contradictory and complicated as his job then follow the Edinburgh exploits of Deputy Chief Constable Bob Skinner in Quintin Jardine's Skinner series — Radio Times
A complex and suspenseful saga that never flags from start to finish — Bolton Evening News
Gritty cop drama that makes Taggart look tame — Northern Echo
More twists and turns than TV's Taggart at its best — Stirling Observer
Deplorably readable — Guardian
Compelling stuff — Oxford Times