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By Victor Pemberton
Victor Pemberton
The minute Letty Edington becomes a munitionette in the Royal Woolwich Arsenal her life changes for ever. From the misery of her family home in well-to-do Islington, she finds herself a part of a world where girls wear make-up, boys whistle and Friday night means stewed eels and mash. And when Vi Hobbs, self-styled queen of the shell-filling shop, introduces her to her wounded brother Ollie, even the loss of Letty's own soldier-brother seems a little less hard to bear. Before long Letty and Ollie have fallen hopelessly for each other and, despite the fury of Letty's family, they marry. Before them lie years of happiness and struggle and through it all Letty's unswerving love drives them forward, through all the bitterness, hardship and heartfelt joy that make up family life in our changing times.

On A Wing And A Prayer (Lavender Road 3)

By Helen Carey
Helen Carey
ON A WING AND A PRAYER by Helen Carey is a nostalgic and heart-warming novel of south London during the Second World War. The perfect read for fans of Ellie Dean, Kate Thompson and Donna Douglas.October 1941. London has been ravaged by war for two years now and life couldn't be tougher for those living on Lavender Road. Many loved ones have been lost and sacrifices made, but Lady Helen de Burrel is about to take the biggest risk yet.Inspired by the courage of her friends on this south London street, Helen volunteers to join the Special Operations Executive and puts her life in jeopardy for the sake of her country. But it's hard to know who to trust, and when her heart is on the line even love becomes dangerous.The war has changed everything, but one thing is certain; the women of Lavender Road will rally together, no matter what the future has in store...
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On Her Own Two Feet

By Pamela Evans
Pamela Evans
Bringing the Keep Fit movement vividly to life in 1940s' London, Pam Evans' family saga will inspire and enthral anyone who has ever dared to dream of a better life.In the middle of a party to celebrate the Silver Jubilee of King George V in 1935, Mollie Fisher's good-for-nothing husband walks out on his wife and baby girl. Luckily, Mollie has a loving family to turn to for help. Mollie's mother, Marge, is delighted to look after baby Esme while Mollie goes out to work. Meanwhile, her nan, Nora, encourages Mollie to join a local keep fit class, which opens her eyes to a whole new world. Determined to better herself, Mollie qualifies as a fitness instructor and starts to run her own classes for the local community, where she befriends a group of women she would never have known existed. But with the outbreak of the Second World War and the ever-present danger of losing her loved ones in the London bombings, it takes courage for Mollie to stand on her own two feet...
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One Rainy Day

By Joan Jonker
Joan Jonker
Poppy Meadows has a face of rare beauty. Like most other nineteen-year-olds, she enjoys life. And, oh, how she loves to dance! The only blot on her happiness is her dreadful boss in the office where she works... One rainy day, Poppy is delivering a letter when she fails to notice two people approaching and is knocked to the ground. The couple are full of apologies but Poppy brushes aside the young man's offer to replace her ruined raincoat. As she walks away with her head held high, Andrew Wilkie-Brook says to his sister Charlotte, 'I wish she'd let me help, but she wouldn't listen to me.' Someone is listening, however, and her name is Fate...
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