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The Palace Affair

By Una-Mary Parker
Una-Mary Parker
The most imposing invitation on the mantelpiece was the one from Buckingham Palace...Three women await the Buckingham Palace Garden Party, unaware that it will deliver not only in decadence, but also drama, depravity and danger. The Palace Affair by Una-Mary Parker will enthral fans of Penny Vincenzi and Jackie Collins. 'Deliciously entertaining' Sunday TelegraphThree women are anticipating the royal Garden Party with varying degrees of pleasure and apprehension.For Jackie, social editor of Society magazine, it is just one of a series of glittering events that she must cover for her glamour-hungry readers. Newly divorced, Jackie enjoys the hectic whirl of her career, but hopes to find a more settled lifestyle...For Elfrieda, ex-Swedish au pair and current Lady Witley of Vauxhall, the invitation represents one further rung up the social ladder. Elfrieda is so desperate to be accepted, she will do anything to make her mark. It is a determination that is to have dangerous consequences...As Lady in Waiting to the Queen, Celia is 'on duty', charged with the responsibility of helping ensure all the arrangements go smoothly. Celia values the position of confidence she enjoys at the Palace, and is careful to do nothing to jeopardise it...But this is one Garden Party that turns out to hold some nasty shocks for the guests. An unscrupulous man is scheming ruthlessly for his own advancement. And when he crosses swords with Jackie, Celia and Elfrieda, he vows he will get his revenge, whatever it takes...What readers are saying about The Palace Affair:'Absolutely unputdownable. An intriguing and believable plot''The story and suspense surrounding three different women of difference classes of society was captivating''Brilliant. 5 stars'
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Pack Men

By Alan Bissett
Alan Bissett
'That's why aw this-' Cage lifts his lager can, sweeps it round 180 degrees. '-means so much tay a man.'The crowd stamps and claps, a hundred and fifty thousand voices blending into one.In 2008 Glasgow Rangers FC reached a major European final. It was held in Manchester, a short hop from Scotland into England. Cue a colossal invasion: the largest movement of Scots over the border in history and the first time in hundreds of years that an English city was taken over. Chaos reigned.Pack Men is the fictional story of three pals and one child trapped inside this powderkeg. In a city rocking with beer, brotherhood and sectarianism, the boys struggle to hold onto their friendship, as they turn on each other and the police turn on them. And somehow one of them has to disclose a secret which he knows the others won't want to hear...With this novel, one of Scotland's leading young writers has created a scuffed comedy about male un-bonding and Britain unravelling.
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