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Purses and Poison

By Dorothy Howell
Dorothy Howell
Nobody wants to be an accessory to murder... including Haley Randolph. Her ideal murderous encounter is buying a pair of killer heels. But then the ex-girlfriend of her sort-of boyfriend Ty Cameron - the drop-dead gorgeous Claudia Gray - literally drops down dead. Even worse, Haley's mother is prime suspect: Claudia was poisoned with food from her company. Haley's heard of death by chocolate, but death by edible fruit bouquet? When the eye of suspicion also falls on Haley, she pursues the murderer (and a divine Judith Leiber evening bag) all over LA to clear the family name. Will she catch the killer? And will her relationship with Ty end up dead in the water?
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Perfect Image

By Marisa Heath
Marisa Heath
An edgy, glitzy, addictive romance - be careful what you wish forYoung, naïve and stunning, Katrina is trying to make it as a model in Paris, sharing a tiny, run-down dorm and only just scraping a living. She's about to cut her loses and head back to London when she's spotted one night and asked out by THE ultimate movie heart-throb, actor Dominic Cayley. She knows not to get too excited though - his girlfriends never last longer than a few dates. But when he keeps turning up on her doorstep, whisking her off for super-glam party weekends in Monaco, showering her in expensive jewels and designer clothes, she's more than happy to be swept off her feet...
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Pick Me Up

By Zoe Rice
Zoe Rice
When Izzy Duncan meets two gorgeous guys in one week through her job at a glitzy uptown gallery, she has no hesitation which one to choose. Charming, well-mannered art dealer Avery wins over the scruffy, moody artist Grady any time. But then she discovers that Avery seems to have more than a few dark secrets - secrets that only Grady knows the answers to...
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