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What's Love Got to do With It?

By Lucy Broadbent
Lucy Broadbent
Money? Important. Love? Not so much. Well, that's how Isabella sees it. Running away from her horrific childhood, all she's interested in is getting to LA, working for the super-rich, and marrying one of them. Then she can wallow in the WAG lifestyle she's wanted for years. And it's all going to plan, with a rich husband, richer father-in-law and bottomless bank account. But then someone pulls a string and the house of cards she laboured so hard to build comes crashing down around her. It's time for Bella to learn - it's not what you love, it's who you love, and how much, that gets you through this life...
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Wish You Were Here

By Phillipa Ashley
Phillipa Ashley
A very young Beth and Jack met, fell passionately in love and had a whirlwind engagement several years ago in Corsica. But when they got back to the reality of their everyday lives in the UK, Jack mysteriously ended their relationship and Beth was left alone and heartbroken. What a cad. Or was he? When Beth, all grown-up and newly engaged - again - ends up working for Jack by a bizarre twist of fate, they start to unravel a string of misunderstandings that drove them apart. But it's too late to try again - or is it?
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