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Gather the Daughters

By Jennie Melamed
Jennie Melamed
'An exceptional debut' Sunday Telegraph'Obsessed with The Handmaid's Tale? This brilliant book is the one for you' Stylist'An intriguing, gorgeously realised and written novel which inexorably draws you into its dark heart' Kate HamerOn a small isolated island, there's a community that lives by its own rules. Boys grow up knowing they will one day take charge, while girls know they will be married and pregnant within moments of hitting womanhood. But before that time comes, a ritual offers children an exhilarating reprieve. Every summer they are turned out onto their doorsteps, to roam the island, sleep on the beach and build camps in trees. To be free. At the end of one of such summer, one of the younger girls sees something she was never supposed to see. And she returns home with a truth that could bring their island world to its knees.'A skilful novel full of suspense' Guardian'It's a richly envisioned world, the strange isolation of which Melamed is excellent at teasing out slowly' Independent
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Gentleman's Relish

By Patrick Gale
Patrick Gale
Dark, moving and eccentric, GENTLEMAN'S RELISH is Patrick Gale's second collection of subversive and exhilarating short stories'The short story form suits Gale's ability to zoom in on the smallest nuances of a relationship'Kate Saunders, The TimesA lonely prison governor's wife develops a sudden passion for an unexpected hobby; a cookery connoisseur suspects his homophobic father and brothers are attempting to manipulate him and looks for revenge; a grandmother offers hair-raising family tales to her abandoned grandchildren; a sex demon in an old casket gruesomely transforms a honeymooning couple. In his second collection of short stories, Patrick Gale creates worlds where the making and breaking of relationships -between mothers and fathers, husbands and wives, lovers and strangers -offer unforgettably dark and moving twists to these utterly unpredictable lives.
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The Good Children

By Roopa Farooki
Roopa Farooki
'Few novels are life-changing; this one just might be' Daily MailLeaving home is one thing. Surviving is another.In 1940s Lahore, the Punjab, two brothers and two sisters are beaten and browbeaten into 'good children'.Each has a destiny to fulfil. Sully and Jakie will be doctors, Mae and Lana dutiful wives. But Sully falls for an unsuitable girl, Jakie an unsuitable man. Mae and Lana disgrace themselves and disobey.Rebelling is easy when you're far from home. But the ties that bind them across cultures, continents and time can never be broken. And when, decades later, death draws them back, it will affect them in ways they never imagined.
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The Good Thief

By Hannah Tinti
Hannah Tinti
Set in the wild, seamy and extremely strange America of the nineteenth century: a historical novel so richly involving and so touching that you never want it to end.Young Ren is missing his parents and a hand and doesn't know what happened to any of them. So he is beginning to fear that he will never be claimed from his cold New England orphanage: that his dream of a family - of a life - will come to nothing.But one day a glamorous stranger arrives at the orphanage. To Ren's astonishment, the charming Benjamin Nab says he is his brother, come to bring him home. And even when his stories grow more and more extraordinary, when he puts Ren's life in danger again and again and sets him first to theft and then to grave-robbing, Ren cannot quite abandon hope. That one day all the hunger and danger and unwanted excitement will be worth it, that he will find a family. But whether Benjamin is to be trusted is another story...
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