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Unlock Yourself (The Desires Unlocked Trilogy E-Short Part 0.5)

By Evie Blake
Evie Blake
For fans of FIFTY SHADES OF GREY and BARED TO YOU comes an irresistible free gift: a romantic and sensuous e-short, the prequel to LIBERATE YOURSELF, Part One of Evie Blake's addictive, intensely passionate DESIRES UNLOCKED trilogy.Let Evie Blake draw you into the seductive world of one young woman, as she wanders the glittering wintry streets of Berlin on a quest to unlock the deepest, most secret part of herself. She unwittingly stumbles upon a place where she can explore her most erotic fantasies - and experience the most loving, intensely romantic liaison she has ever known. Gorgeously romantic and sizzling with heat and desire, UNLOCK YOURSELF is the perfect introduction to the world of the DESIRES UNLOCKED trilogy.
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By Robert Ryan
Robert Ryan
The city of Seattle burned down in 1889. When it was rebuilt, much of the old city remained, buried beneath the modern streets. Nobody really knows what's down there any more... Now a suspected psycho and the eight-year-old girl he has taken hostage during a bungled heist are about to find out, when they crash through the floor of an abandoned warehouse into a street no one has walked down for a hundred years. Pursued by an ex-Vietnam Tunnel Rat brought in by the Seattle PD - a man with one or two mental problems of his own - Hilton Badcock has no choice but to drag young Ali further into the underground maze in search of a way out. But the deeper they go into this strange, secret world, the weirder and more dangerous things get...
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