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King Arthur: Dragon's Child

By M. K. Hume
M. K. Hume
The epic tale of the man destined to become Arthur, High King of the BritonsThe Dark Ages: a time of chaos and bloodshed. The Roman legions have long deserted the Isles and the despotic Uther Pendragon, High King of Celtic Britain, is nearing death, his kingdom torn apart by the jostling for his throne. Of unknown parentage, Artorex in growing up in the household of his foster father Lord Ector. One day, three strangers arrive and arrange for Artorex to be taught the martial skills of the warrior; blade and shield, horse and fire, pain and bravery.When they return, years later, Artorex is not only trained in the arts of battle, he is also a married man. The country is in desperate straits for the great cities of the east are falling to the menace of the Saxon hordes.Artorex becomes a war chieftain, and wins many battles that earns him the trust of his Celtic warriors and proves that Artorex alone can unite the tribes. But, if he is to fulfil his destiny and become the High King of the Britons, Artorex must find Uther's crown and sword. The future of Britain is at stake.
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The King's Touch

By Jude Morgan
Jude Morgan
Restored to the British throne in 1660 after years of exile, Charles II began a reign famous for dramatic events (the Plague, the Great Fire, the Dutch Wars), the flowering of science and the arts, and for notorious sexual liaisons. With a bevy of mistresses and flamboyantly addicted to high living, the Merry Monarch successfully presided over 'Merry Olde England' in an age of intrigue and religious dissent. When his tolerance extended to acknowledging his illegitimate son at court, James's life changed out of all recognition. This is the story of a remarkable man, and the spectacular upheavals and reverses of the time, told through the eyes of his illegitimate son, James, Duke of Monmouth.
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Killigrew RN

By Jonathan Lunn
Jonathan Lunn
Forty years after its abolition, the Transatlantic slave trade is more lucrative than ever; even the new steamships of the Royal Navy are powerless to catch the swift brigs of the slavers. Only one man is ruthless enough to beat the slavers at their own game. Risking death and disgrace, Lieutenant Kitt Killigrew infiltrates the crew of a slave ship to discover the whereabouts of the biggest slave market on the coast of West Africa, owned by shadowy megalomanic Francisco Salazar. From the smoke-filled gentlemen's clubs of London to the steamy jungles of the Guinea Coast, Killigrew embarks on a journey fraught with murder and betrayal.
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