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Seven for a Secret

By Lyndsay Faye
Lyndsay Faye
'Spectacular' Gillian Flynn. SEVEN FOR A SECRET is the captivating second novel in Lyndsay Faye's Edgar Award-nominated series, for fans of Andrew Taylor and Antonia Hodgson's The Devil in the Marshalsea. Timothy and Valentine Wilde must once again delve into the darkest underbelly of old New York.When the beautiful and terrified Mrs Lucy Adams stumbles into the Tombs, headquarters of New York's newly formed police force, it's the beginning of a dense, thorny maze of crime for copper star Timothy Wilde. He's hardened to the injustices of life in the unforgiving city he's grown up in, but that doesn't mean he accepts them. With immigrants flooding into the docks every day, each community is both adapting and fighting for its place in the new world, and there are many who fall victim to the clash. But the worst menace growing on the streets are the blackbirders; slave catchers who make a tidy sum from their human trade. And Timothy is about to be taken right to heart of them...
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The Secret Life of William Shakespeare

By Jude Morgan
Jude Morgan
The greatest writer of them all, brought to glorious life.How well do you know the man you love? How much do you think you know about Shakespeare? What if they were one and the same? He is an ordinary man: unwilling craftsman, ambitious actor, resentful son, almost good-enough husband. And he is also a genius. The story of how a glove-maker from Warwickshire became the greatest writer of them all is vaguely known to most of us, but it would take an exceptional modern novelist to bring him to life. And now at last Jude Morgan, acclaimed author of Passion and The Taste of Sorrow, has taken Shakespeare's life, and created a masterpiece.
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Star Quality

By Pamela Evans
Pamela Evans
Young Tess Trent works at Emerson's department store in London's West End, its affluence a far remove from her own ordinary, respectable home in Briar Park in Hammersmith. But unlike her parents, Tess does not believe the fine and beautiful things she sells each day will be beyond her reach for ever. The son of a Sheffield miner, Max Bentley wants to earn his living as a musician in a dance band in London. His parents are horrified. Meeting at a dance one Saturday night, Tess and Max are instantly attracted, and soon discover they share the same dreams. But Max's ambitions drive them apart. Feeling betrayed and desperate, Tess does her best to find fulfillment in marriage and her dream of opening a shop. Years later, Tess's nineteen-year-old daughter Judy falls in love with a musician. His name is Max Bentley...
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