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By Daisy Goodwin
Daisy Goodwin
'A confident, skilful storyteller. Pure, light-hearted, unpretentious entertainment' Sunday ExpressWindsor Castle 1869Florence Carmody is six foot tall and has the colour of a ripe pumpkin. English by birth, she has grown up in San Francisco. Now she has come home, and thanks to the machinations of her wily grandmother, she has been chosen to be a Maid of Honour to Queen Victoria. Florence is an expert on scalps and a collector of fairy tales, but no story by Grimm can compete with the reality of life at court...
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The Vanishing Witch

By Karen Maitland
Karen Maitland
The Vanishing Witch by Karen Maitland, author of the hugely popular Company of Liars, will thrill fans of The Witchfinder's Sister and His Bloody Project with its chilling recreation of the Peasants' Revolt. 'A gem, crafted in the darkness ... Maitland has produced another gripping tale, from a darker age, which has surprising resonances with the present' Independent on Sunday By the pricking of my thumbs ...Lincoln, 1380. A raven-haired widow is newly arrived in John of Gaunt's city, with her two unnaturally beautiful children in tow. The widow Catlin seems kind, helping wool merchant Robert of Bassingham care for his ill wife. Surely it makes sense for Catlin and her family to move into Robert's home?But when first Robert's wife - and then others - start dying unnatural deaths, the whispers turn to witchcraft. The reign of Richard II brings bloody revolution, but does it also give shelter to the black arts? And which is more deadly for the innocents of Lincoln?
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Vale Valhalla

By Joy Chambers
Joy Chambers
As the year 2001 approaches the men who fought in the Great War have all but faded away, and only the memory of their sacrifice will be preserved. Between 1914 and 1918 soldiers from all over the world converged on the trenches of Belgium and Northern France: from Australia and New Zealand, Canada, England, India, Ireland, Scotland, South Africa, Wales and the far reaches of the British Empire they came to fight alongside the Belgians and the French.Vale Valhalla traces the lives of a group of Australians through the years prior to, and during, the First World War, and reveals how they were forever altered by their sufferings in that singular and relentless conflict.
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  • Valley of the Shadow

    By Peter Tremayne
    Peter Tremayne
    Sister Fidelma has been sent by her brother, king of Cashel, to Laisre, chieftain of Gleann Geis - the 'forbidden valley' - to negotiate permission to build a Christian church and school in his territory, replacing the pagan Druidic sanctuaries. Laisre is known to be hostile to the new religion, and Fidelma knows her mission will be no easy task.Entering Gleann Geis with the Saxon Brother Eadulf, she comes across the naked, slain bodies of thirty-three young men, positioned in a sunwise circle. Each body bears the marks of stabbing and garrotting; every skull has been smashed. Who is reponsible for such evil, if not the heathen Laisre?
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