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George Best and 21 Others

By Colin Shindler
Colin Shindler
In the spring of 1964 more than 50,000 people turned out to watch the two-legged semi-final of the FA Youth Cup between Manchester City and Manchester United. It was a time of great hope and excitement: a new era was to be ushered in, with the virtues of youth personified in the Beatles and Harold Wilson - and in the teams that played. But what happened next? For some, like George Best, it was the start of a golden era of success; but for others it was the highlight of a career that never happened. In Shindler's compelling third book of his Manchester trilogy, he captures an era of high expectation, talking to many who played in or watched these famous games; but he also movingly portrays what went wrong for others.
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Golf on the Rocks

By Gary Sutherland
Gary Sutherland
Gary Sutherland was a lapsed golfer, until he acquired his late dad's putter. After studying a crumpled golf map of Scotland, Gary decided to embark on a voyage. His target was to play 18 rounds of golf on 18 Scottish islands in honour of his dad, a ship's captain who, when he wasn't at sea, was never off the golf course.His journey would take him from the Northern Isles to the Outer Hebrides. Playing in the Harris hail and Arran sunshine, he would encounter an odd variety of golfing hazards, including sheep on the tees, cows on the fairways and electric fences round the greens. This is golf in the raw - a million miles from St Andrews. It is a life-affirming tale of remembrance and discovery. It's about having a laugh and holding on to what's dear. And it's about a putter with magical properties. You can believe what you choose to, but it all happened...
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