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On Fire with Fergie

By Stuart Donald
Stuart Donald
Late on a winter's night in 1976 at the age of 5, I lay awake in bed, absolutely petrified. Something was causing a man to shout, swear and bang in the lounge beneath my room. When I eventually went downstairs, I found my elated Dad sitting in front of the last couple of minutes of the football highlights on TV. He'd watched his team, Aberdeen, reach the Scottish League Cup Final with a dramatic 5-1 victory over Rangers. It was the first in a series of events that would forge an amazing relationship with my Dad as we followed Aberdeen at home and away, for the next ten years. It was a time when the enormous fan base of the Old Firm rampaged through the streets and football grounds of Scotland. A time when we watched Alex Ferguson's Aberdeen rise to the top of Scottish and European football, and then fall all the way back down again...
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On the Milk

By Willie Robertson
Willie Robertson
As a fourteen year old bursting with energy and life, Willie lied about his age to get a job on the milk truck. Well, maturity was called for. Delivering milk may not be everyone's idea of a glamorous start to your working life but it came to represent far more than Willie and his best friend Gordon could possibly imagine. Their eyes were swiftly opened to the big bad/good world and so they quickly learnt the vital necessity of thinking on their toes. Despite the hard backdrop of an industrial town ('The Ruskies wouldn't drop the atom bomb on Dundee; there's nothing here worth bombing'), this is a fabulous story of boys growing up in the sixties, of camaraderie and optimism, innocence and the harshness of life.
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