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Neil Gaiman's Likely Stories

By Neil Gaiman
Neil Gaiman
Neil Gaiman's Likely Stories by Sunday Times bestselling writer Neil Gaiman is a tie-in edition to the unique Sky Arts series starring a host of British acting talent led by Tom Hughes and Johnny Vegas. Characteristically dark and strange, these four stories were originally published in Gaiman's popular short-story collections, Fragile Things and Smoke and Mirrors. 'Gaiman is... a treasure-house of story' - Stephen King. 'Let me tell you a story. No, wait, one's not enough. I'll begin again...' 'Foreign Parts', a story of loneliness and identity, and, perhaps, the joys of making your own way in the world. 'Feeders & Eaters', an eerie tale drawn from a nightmare the author had in his twenties. 'Closing Time', a ghostly story within a story, whispered in the quiet of the night. 'Looking For The Girl', a tale that spans a lifetime, originally commissioned by Penthouse for their 20th anniversary issue.
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By Brian Kimberling
Brian Kimberling
A promotional taster of the charismatic world of SNAPPER: this free, ebook-only extract from Brian Kimberling's forthcoming fiction debut will draw you into a place not a million miles from Garrison Keillor's Lake Wobegon. When birdwatcher Nathan Lochmueller's car, the Gypsy Moth, breaks down in the Indiana town of Santa Claus, he must throw himself upon the mercy of the staff of the local diner. NATIONWIDE is a delightfully quirky comic episode in a charmingly unconventional coming-of-age story.
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