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See John Run

By Kevin Joslin
Kevin Joslin
'Have you been drinking?' says Janet.'Yes,' says John. 'I saw Mrs Poulton in the whisky shop. She invited me in for a quick sample. She said she didn't care for the 69, and said that she'd already had a mouthful of Mcallans and was suffering a little from the Ladyburn after she'd had a stiff Glen Elgin earlier. So she watched me have a quick Singleton, then Scapa.' See Janet chase John down the road. See John run.For the last four years it was on air, 8 million listeners to BBC Radio 2's Wake Up To Wogan were beguiled and bewitched by the naughty but nice adventures of John and his wife Janet. As a favorite segment, the stories moved with Terry Wogan to his new Sunday morning show. In the style of children's stories of yesteryear, John gets up to all sorts. Then he tells Janet all about his day, by which time every perfectly innocent big end, back passage and stiff one acquires a whole new meaning...
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Sophie Grigson's Country Kitchen

By Sophie Grigson
Sophie Grigson
Sophie Grigson's modern and relaxed approach to cookery has appealed to her fans for over a decade. Here she has collected more than 120 colourful and delicious recipes that make the most of seasonal food.Fresh food has always been the cornerstone of Sophie's cookery and country living ensures that she has fabulous produce all through the year. Her own garden, farm shops and local markets - to say nothing of what grows wild in the fields - all inspire her to create simple recipes for her friends and family. Full of enticing recipe photos to get your cookery cravings going and stunning shots of the countryside and its produce, SOPHIE GRIGSON'S COUNTRY KITCHEN will have you running for your nearest farmers' market, hunting for seasonal ingredients at your local supermarket, or getting your own hands dirty in no time.Packed with fresh and delicious recipes, SOPHIE GRIGSON'S COUNTRY KITCHEN makes cooking an all-year-round pleasure.
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