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Miracle at Medinah: Europe's Amazing Ryder Cup Comeback

By Oliver Holt
Oliver Holt
Golf fans will not forget the 39th Ryder Cup in a hurry. Staged at the Medinah Country Club just outside of Chicago, the 2012 event has already gone down as the most remarkable competition in its 85-year history.The American team had home advantage, and a golf course unapologetically set up to suit its own players. Supported by tens of thousands of loud and proud fans, the USA's star-studded line-up dominated the first two days and ended the Saturday with a seemingly unassailable 10-6 advantage. No away team had ever won the Ryder Cup from such an unpromising position.Sunday was singles day, traditionally the forte of American teams. The situation looked bleak, especially when European team member and number 1 golfer in the world, Rory McIlroy, very nearly missed his tee-off time. Yet slowly but surely, the European team - who had top-loaded their line-up in one last throw of the dice - started to turn the scoreboard blue. With inspirational captain Jose Maria Olazabal stiring European blood with thoughts of the late Ryder Cup magician Seve Ballesteros (whose silhouette was emblazoned on the players' sweaters and bags), the tide turned and the previously dominant American players started to crumble in the face of the onslaught. Suddenly European players were holing miraculous putts to win holes out of the blue. Something very special was happening.When German Martin Kaymer sank his putt on the eighteenth green to clinch the point that retained the Ryder Cup, the most astonishing comeback in the event's long and  distinuished history was complete. Miracle at Medinah is the compelling narrative of those amazing three days in Illinois, a fitting chronicle of an unbelievable sporting story.
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The Management Masterclass

By Emma De Vita
Emma De Vita
THE MANAGEMENT MASTERCLASS is packed full of razor-sharp business advice that will keep you on your toes and ahead of the game.There are five sections to get your teeth into, which cover the personal values and skills needed to be a brilliant manager, how to create a happy team that will go the extra mile, the all-important financials, common challenges and how best to deal with them and finally the low-down on getting ahead and standing out from the crowd.THE MANAGEMENT MASTERCLASS gives you practical, no-nonsense advice, delievered in a way that will help you climb the greasy pole, help others as you ascend and have fun on the way up. If you want to keep your finger on the pulse of the most up-to-date business practice, you need to read this book.
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Man Buys Dog

By David Matthews
David Matthews
David Matthews, author of the critically acclaimed LOOKING FOR A FIGHT, needed a fresh challenge after he had recovered from being a professional boxer. Drawn to the slightly shady appeal of greyhound racing, and not averse to making some easy money, he decided to learn the tricks of the trade from the inside and buy a greyhound. Unfortunately Zussies Boy, aka Kevin, turned out to be something of a dud, and Matthews soon found out the hard way that in the world of greyhound racing there is only one winner - the hare.
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