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Grievous Angel

By Quintin Jardine
Quintin Jardine
Edinburgh's toughest cop, Bob Skinner, looks into his past to assuage his demons in Quintin Jardine's thrilling new mystery.Skinner revisits his nightmares: old but not forgotten. Fifteen years in the past, newly promoted Detective Superintendent Bob Skinner is called to investigate a most brutal death. A man lies at the deep end of an empty swimming pool, his neck broken and almost every other bone in his body shattered. Soon, an organised crime connection looms, and bloody retribution spreads to a second city. Then violence erupts on a new front, as a vicious knifeman seems to be targeting Edinburgh's gay population. As if this double dose of homicide isn't enough for a single man with a teenage daughter to raise and protect, Skinner's personal life takes a similar, perilous twist. Can he stay on the side of the angels, or will he fall . . .?
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A Ghost in the Machine

By Caroline Graham
Caroline Graham
All men should have a hobby: it keeps them out from under their wives' feet. Dennis Brinkley's hobby, though, was killing machines. No wonder the village was uneasy...Mallory Lawson believes that inheriting his aunt's beautiful house in Forbes Abbot may have saved his sanity. It enables him to take early retirement from his appalling teaching job in London, and his wife Kate to realise her dream of starting her own company. Life will be so much simpler in the country, won't it? But Forbes Abbot is not quite the close-knit community it seems, and little differences and squabbles can become violent - even murderous. Detective Chief Inspector Barnaby has encountered many intriguing cases, but the case of the ghost in the machine is one to test even the most experienced of detectives.
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Green Eye

By Vena Cork
Vena Cork
To an outsider, the hedonistic lifestyle of university students can seem an enviable one. But right now Danny Thorn - enrolled at Billings College Cambridge - can see little to be jealous of. Danny's got woman troubles - his ex, Julie, won't leave him alone and the beguiling Stella doesn't seem to be interested in him. But as the term progresses, getting a date for the May Ball will be the least of his worries. A rapist, who's been preying on female students for months, is still at large. And a potentially deadly case of the green-eyed monster is about to rear its ugly head. As events take increasingly bizarre and shocking turns, Danny's mother, Rosa, arrives in Cambridge. There to film a TV series and see her son, instead she finds herself desperately trying to restore some sort of order. But she could never be prepared for just how terrifying things are about to get...
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The Garden Of Eden And Other Criminal Delights

By Faye Kellerman
Faye Kellerman
A must-have book for Faye Kellerman's many fans. The collection contains: One never-before-published short mystery, THE GARDEN OF EDEN, featuring Peter Decker and Rina Lazarus, who investigate the death of a next-door neighbourTwo Decker-Lazarus short mysteries: BULL'S EYE, the debut of Cindy Decker; and A WOMAN OF MYSTERY, in which Rina Lazarus, aided by Peter Decker, solves the mystery of a student with missing memory Nine crime/mystery short stories, including MUMMY AND JACK, which Faye co-wrote with her son, JesseAnd several bonus short works: two stories about family relationships and two essays drawn from Faye's personal life
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