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What's Your Bright Idea?

By Tim Campbell, Paul Humphries
Tim Campbell, Paul Humphries
Trusted, expert advice on the initial steps in setting up a sound, well-organized business. That's where WHAT'S YOUR BRIGHT IDEA? comes in. Both authors have considerable experience of new business ventures. They offer an honest, waffle-free assessment of what's required to set up a business, and give you plenty of sound advice along the way. Going into business involves a lot of hard work, but it should also be fun. WHAT'S YOUR BRIGHT IDEA? will help stimulate the vital sense of adventure required to make a success of possibly the most significant journey of your life.
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What To Do When You Become the Boss

By Bob Selden
Bob Selden
What to do when you get promoted to management level and, in particular, how to manage people.Most new managers get very little initial training on how to manage. Generally, new managers are promoted or selected for the role because of their excellent technical or professional expertise. It is assumed therefore that they will also be experts at people management, but this is often not the case. WHAT TO DO WHEN YOU BECOME THE BOSS is a complete how to guide for first-time managers. Simple and practical, you'll discover how to:Become an effective leader and get the best out of yourself and be recognised throughout the organisation;Allocate your time effectively between leading, managing and operating;Manage your boss;Manage team performance, including setting standards, coaching, motivating and appraising performance;Delegate, make effective decisions and run motivating meetings;Choose the right person for the job using a proven method.
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The Winning Mind

By Sebastian Coe
Sebastian Coe
From his childhood amidst the steel mills of South Yorkshire to Olympic glory and beyond, Seb Coe's story is one of extraordinary achievement.One of the greatest middle-distance runners of all time, Seb earned four Olympic medals during a world-record breaking career. THE WINNING MIND is Seb's account of the challenges, hard graft, set-backs and victories that he experienced during his career, retold with the passion and commitment that ultimately made him such an inspirational sporting champion.As an athlete, politican, business speaker and key figure in the delivery of the 2012 Olympic Games, Seb Coe has striven to achieve success in every challenge he has faced. This is the story of one man's quest for excellence and the power of the winning mind.
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Work Less, Achieve More

By Fergus O'connell
Fergus O'connell
WORK LESS, ACHIEVE MORE is a step-by-step guide on how to de-stress, deliver your work on time and get your life back in order.For many people, a successful work/life balance is frustratingly elusive. A typical worker might expect to be filled with dread on a Monday morning, work increasingly long hours, feel constantly stressed, and struggle to maintain a decent quality of life. Work/life balance is typically seen as a time management issue, but that's not it. Working harder in the little time you have won't help. What's needed is a change of attitude, where you can stop tearing your hair out, and go home feeling happy, stress-free and confident of a job well-done. In the process, you will become much more productive, relaxed and an asset to your business. WORK LESS, ACHIEVE MORE shows you how.
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