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The Queen's Promise

By Lyn Andrews
Lyn Andrews
She was the most infamous woman of the age. He was the man who would love her for all her life... The Queen's Promise by bestselling author Lyn Andrews sheds new light on the compelling story of Anne Boleyn and her first love, Henry Percy. Perfect for fans of Philippa Gregory and Elizabeth Chadwick.Alluring Anne Boleyn knows she is required to use her charm to her advantage - and secure the status of her family at the Tudor court. She easily captivates the noblemen, most notably Henry Percy, future Earl of Northumberland and, hopeful of her father's approval, Anne agrees to a secret betrothal.Controlling Cardinal Wolsey, though, will not countenance an alliance which could threaten his position. Exiled to the north, Henry is forced into a marriage of duty, whilst Anne's fortunes reverse when she bewitches the King himself. Unwilling to be simply his mistress, Anne will settle for nothing but the throne. But great power brings even greater enemies, and Anne's past actions - and long-kept secrets - might prove to be her undoing... What readers are saying about The Queen's Promise: 'This is a novel about Anne Boleyn with a difference...This is an excellent read for anyone who enjoys an historical novel which faithfully adheres to the historical facts. The characters are very carefully drawn and crafted to give the reader a real insight into the time. Highly Recommended!''This story covers everything; young love, friendships, betrayals, politics, power plays and more''An insightful book into the history of the Tudors. An unputdownable read'
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