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Guest Post

Joe Abercrombie: What comes next?

Today we have a guest post from Joe Abercrombie, talking about the inevitable question: what comes next? On a Break January 22nd, 2013 So, Red Country has been well and truly out for three months, the touring well and truly over, the reviews chewed through, the sales examined, the dust settled. I find myself now […]

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Paul McAuley’s short stories

Award-winning author Paul McAuley has been busy writing some brilliant short stories since finishing Evening’s Empires, the fourth book in the Quiet War series, out in July. We will be sharing a couple with you here this week and there are more available over on Paul’s blog. After finishing Evening’s Empires, I find I’m not […]

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Justin Cronin discusses his passion for Science Fiction

Justin Cronin, author of bestseller The Passage and its sequel The Twelve, discusses his passion for Science Fiction and his inspiration for the Virals.

About The Twelve:

The epic story of The Passage continues.

Death-row prisoners with nightmare pasts and no future.
Until they were selected for a secret experiment.
To create something more than human.
Now they are the future and humanity’s worst nightmare has begun.

Can’t wait for The TwelveWant to get your hands on a copy of The Twelve? Watch our video below and send us the answer to this question: What Science Fiction franchise did Justin love as a child? Send your answers to: with the subject: Justin Cronin by 11.59 on 15 October 2012. Good luck!



The Twelve is out in hardback in the UK on 25th October 2012 from our sister imprint Orion Fiction.

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Confessions of an unwilling world builder

Kate Harrison is the author of the brilliant thriller series SOUL BEACH, published by our sister imprint Indigo. We are delighted to welcome her as a guest blogger as  she tells us how she masterminded the intricate and fascinating world the characters in her trilogy inhabit. Kate is a full time author having worked in […]

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A Modern Day Fairy Tale, by Graham Joyce

Some Kind Of Fairy Tale has been optioned by a Hollywood studio so we asked Graham what it was like to sell to the film industry. This is what he told us. Once upon a timely time a fine young fellow sat upon a large toadstool and wrote himself a story, he did. And no […]

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Future Dub: sample fiction by Gareth Rees

Gareth Rees is another writer I came across on Twitter (isn’t Twitter bloody marvelous?). He followed Gollancz, we followed him, you should do the same (@hackneymarshman). I don’t remember which came first. But Gareth’s cracked and surreal visions of the edge of London that he put on his blog struck a chord. Here was a […]

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The Return of the Slayer

James Dawson is the author of darkly comic teen thriller, Hollow Pike, out now. He is in the running for his own homecoming crown – the Queen of Teen! You can vote for him at As Avengers Assemble rules supreme in worldwide cinemas, the writer/director/genius behind it, Joss Whedon, is finally getting the spotlight […]

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'The Shepherd' by RJ Barker

Dear All, Today we’re delighted to be able to give a piece of original fiction on the Gollancz blog. I first came across RJ Barker on Twitter (@dedbutdrmng). His twitter feed was consistently quirky (in the best possible way), witty and fun. Here was a man using his writing to strike the world smartly with. […]

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A Special Guest Post from Marcus Sedgwick

We are very pleased to have a special guest post from Marcus Sedgwick, who is published by our YA sister imprint Indigo. Marcus Sedgwick used to work in children’s publishing and before that he was a bookseller. He now happily writes full-time. His books have been shortlisted for many awards, including The GUARDIAN CHILDREN’S FICTION […]

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The Elder Scrolls vs The Witcher: a Guest Post by Chris Wooding

The Elder Scrolls or The Witcher series? Where do you stand? Are you the kind of player who likes to stand on a snowy mountainside at night and stare at a distant dragon silhouetted against the moons for an hour? Or do you want gritty moral choices and a story that reacts to them? Skyrim […]

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The Gemmell Awards 2012

Today we’re thrilled to have another guest blogger on the blog. Following the delightful Pornokitsch joining us to talk about the ethos behind their award, today we have Stan Nicholls, Chairman of the David Gemmell Legend Awards, with a little bit about how the award came about, and what it’s designed to do. And watch […]

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Brandon Sanderson plans 36-volume fantasy series

Adam Whitehead runs a blog called The Wertzone; justly famous for its fantastically in-depth analysis of various long running genre franchises, whether they be George R.R. Martin or Peter F. Hamilton, on television, in the cinema or on your computer in game form. Who better then than Adam to write about an underlying structure in […]

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