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Science Fiction: Rumours of its Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

About a month ago, eminent critic and former Arthur C. Clarke Award administrator, Paul Kincaid, wrote this review of various ‘Year’s Best SF’ collections in the Los Angeles Times. It’s fair to say he provoked a certain amount of conversation in response. Jonathan Strahan and Gary K. Wolfe, for example, discussed the review at length in […]

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New SF Masterworks in Print and Digital

Today is publication day for two new SF Masterworks: Frankenstein and The Continuous Katherine Mortenhoe.   Widely regarded as the first true work of science fiction, Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley’s 1818 classic, Frankenstein: Or, the Modern Prometheus, is quite simply one of the most famous novels in literary history. Filmed countless times, featuring countless actors – from Boris Karloff to […]

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Death Watch And The Continuous Katherine Mortenhoe

  The 1980 film, Death Watch, directed by Bertrand Tavernier and starring, among others, a young Harvey Keitel,  was re-released in the UK in June this year, in a digitally restored print.  The re-release garnered many positive reviews from the likes of The Guardian, The Irish Times and Cine-Vue, with critics proclaiming it intriguing, compelling, prescient and ‘an […]

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Repent, Synners!

We have been bad and we’re very sorry. Owing to what Sir Humphrey Appleby might refer to as ‘unforeseen administrative difficulties’, we were unable to publish the eBook of Pat Cadigan’s excellent Synners at the same time as we published the SF Masterworks edition. But I’m pleased to say that oversight has been rectified and the winner […]

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Happy Birthday, Doris Piserchia

Thanks to our friends at The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction, we see that today is the birthday of much admired author Doris Piserchia, who recently signed with SF Gateway, and whose novels will be made available over the coming months. Among many others, October 1st is also the birthday of noted anthologist, editor and critic Mike Ashley, Métal […]

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Eon . . . Eternity . . . Legacy

The redoubtable Richard Curtis – literary agent extraordinaire and eBook pioneer – has posted an appreciation of Greg Bear‘s epic ‘Eon’ trilogy, at his E-Reads site.  Since Gollancz and SF Gateway are proud to publish Greg Bear in the UK & Commonwealth, and since Bear is one of our foremost hard SF writers and the son-in-law […]

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Immortalising the Backlist

Norman Spinrad is the acclaimed author of Bug Jack Barron and The Iron Dream, and was an important figure in the New Wave. In this piece, originally posted on the author’s website and republished here with his kind permission, he offers a personal view on the digital publishing revolution in general, and Science Fiction in […]

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