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This week I have mostly been reading….

Well, over the last few weeks, its been Christopher Brookmyre, a Glasgow crime/suspense/humour novelist who has written some astonishingly Glasgowicious stories! Quite Ugly One Morning has one of the most memorable beginnings I have ever read (I mean, ALL the senses are assaulted in that one); Boiling A Frog was a fascinating look at religion, blackmail, and political spin; and Be My Enemy was a little odd, having a slightly lowkey, subdued first half which then explodes into an extravaganza of bizarre conflict. All thoroughly recommended. Currently, am reading Chomsky’s ‘Profit Over People’, a forsensic examination of the workings of globalisation, red in tooth and claw.

And if you really wanna get depressed, read ‘Planet Of The Slums’ by Mike Davis – astonishing, frightening, appalling.