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Realise that I have been negligent of late, so here’s a little bundle of updates. The Ascendant Stars continues on its trajectory towards the supreme paperyness of transcendant bookhood! – ie, I just completed my side of the copy-edit stage, after which comes the reading of the proofs, which will come in the form of […]

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Seeds Of Earth Review @ NextRead – And Other Matters

Slightly after the fact, having just picked up on it via my agents’ website, Zeno, this review at the NextRead site, saying some nice things – Also, just to remind all of you good people that the competition to win a copy of the paperback of Seeds Of Earth will end tomorrow night at […]

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Bioshock – Further Thoughts

(Music – Invisigoth; Politics – Mr Angry; Health – raging headcold, AKA Man-Flu!)   After my previous ramblings about Bioshock, another key aspect (of this game and First Person Shooters in general) came to mind, namely that involving characterisation, specifically that of the POV character him/herself. There`s a curious divergence here. On the one hand […]

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