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Miska Corbin vs. the World

We are thrilled to welcome the brilliant Gavin Smith back to the Gollancz Blog. Today, Gavin will introduce us to the unforgettable Miska Corbin and we’ll get to see how she would fare against some of our favourite genre characters.  Seven years ago my first novel, Veteran, came out.  To help publicise it I wrote […]

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The Buffy episodes you should watch this Halloween

‘Halloween’ (Episode 6, Season 2) ‘She couldn’t have dressed up like Xena?’ Any Buffy fan will know that All Hallows Eve was a quiet time in Sunnydale, when the demons and Big Bads took the night off, probably because they disagreed with how commercial the day has become. Even so, Buff and co. still managed […]

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The Return of the Slayer

James Dawson is the author of darkly comic teen thriller, Hollow Pike, out now. He is in the running for his own homecoming crown – the Queen of Teen! You can vote for him at As Avengers Assemble rules supreme in worldwide cinemas, the writer/director/genius behind it, Joss Whedon, is finally getting the spotlight […]

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