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Paul Crilley

Clockwork City Extract Reveal!

In the Clockwork City extract below, Gideon and the Dog are on the hunt for an Umthakathi (the bad version of a witch doctor) and the Dog is very grumpy because someone stole his sherry. Dangerous move… The following extract is only for use by Hodder, and may not be reproduced without prior permission. Copyright © Paul Crilley. Chapter 1 ‘My […]

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The Poison City Soundtrack

    Play Dead – Bjork. Poison City opening Theme.   I remember seeing the video for this and thinking how amazing it looked. It was for a movie called The Young Americans, directed by Danny Cannon. A year or so later I found out Cannon was directing the Judge Dredd movie, one of my […]

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Friday Favourites: Favourite Dogs from Fiction

Manchee (The Knife of Never Letting Go) ‘Poo, Todd. Poo.’ THANKS, PATRICK NESS.   Charley (Travels with Charley) Steinbeck wrote this book after he learned he was dying and decided he wanted to see America ‘one last time.’ He uses Charley as a way of ordering and considering his own thoughts. It’s amazing and sad […]

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Read chapter one of Poison City!

Poison City is the first book in a South African crime series perfect for anyone who loves Lauren Beukes or Ben Aaronovitch, and it arrives in hardback next month. – Chapter One   The first thing the dog does when I walk through the door is sniff the air and say, “You forgot the sherry, dipshit.” […]

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7 alternate holiday movies to watch filled with snark and black humour

My name is Paul Crilley and I have a soft spot for snark and black humour. Especially in well-written dialogue. I have a book coming out in 2016 from Hodder. It’s called Poison City and does indeed feature much snark and black humour, (whether it’s well-written snark and black humour will be up to others […]

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