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ebook / ISBN-13: 9781035404469

Price: £9.99

ON SALE: 1st December 2022

Genre: Fiction & Related Items / Fantasy

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Join the heroes of the THE WINNOWING FLAME TRILOGY as they battle a terrible and ancient evil, in the complete collection from the two-time British Fantasy Award-winning author Jen Williams. Perfect for fans of Adrian Tchaikovsky, Brandon Sanderson and Scott Lynch.

‘Diverse, different and intriguing . . . this is fantasy at its very best’ STARBURST


The great city of Ebora once glittered with gold. Now its streets are stalked by wolves.

Tormalin the Oathless has no taste for sitting around waiting to die – and when eccentric explorer, Lady Vincenza ‘Vintage’ de Grazon, offers him employment, he sees an easy way out.

Joined by a fugitive witch with a tendency to set things on fire, the adventurers are quickly drawn into a tangled conspiracy of magic and war.

For the Jure’lia are coming, and the Ninth Rain must fall…


The Ninth Rain has fallen. The Jure’lia are awake.

Tormalin the Oathless and the fell-witch Noon must rally the first war-beasts to be born in Ebora for three centuries – hatched too soon and with no memory of their past incarnations, these winged creature are unprepared to face an ancient enemy who grow stronger each day.

Vintage believes the key to uniting the war-beasts may lie on a distant and mysterious island.
A perilous journey lies ahead, while new monsters lie in wait for those left behind.


The war is far from over.

In Ebora, all is chaos, all is confusion. The connection that Tormalin, Noon and Vintage share with their war-beasts has kept them alive so far, but with Tor’s sister Hestillion hell-bent on bringing ruthless order to the next enemy attack – the people of Sarn will need all the help they can get.

Noon knows just where to recruit a new – and powerful – army.
But even she underestimates the epic quest that is to come: a reckoning that will change Sarn forever.


‘One of my FAVOURITE epic fantasies. . . takes all the old favourite conventions and tropes, and changes them, for the better’

‘Jen William’s takes world building to a different level entirely’

‘A fantastic unique world, wonderful characters, plenty of snark and humour, weird and wonderful monsters, and some brutal plot twists’

‘One of my favourite fantasy series in years. I could not put my Kindle down’

‘One of the best combinations of stunning world-building, epic storytelling and memorable characters I’ve ever read!’

‘The kind of inventive, diverse, and emotional fantasy writing the genre really needs . . . so creative, so vibrant and refreshingly different’

‘Quite simply one of the best fantasy novel trilogies I have read in a long time’

‘The kind of fantasy that makes you feel really, really good. It gives you hope. It feeds your soul’

The Winnowing Flame Trilogy