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Happy Birthday, Walter Koenig!

Today, Gateway wishes a very happy birthday to everyone’s favourite Russian helmsman, Pavel Chekov – or, more to the point, the actor who brought him to life on the big screen and small, across five decades: Walter Koenig. Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry was keen to add a younger face to his bridge crew, allegedly […]

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Happy Birthday, William Shatner!

Stardate 8879.58: A new life form has entered the world. Although there are no signs of any … irregularities, I sense a … strange destiny … for this child. This … boy they call … Bill. Yes, we know we’ve posted this before, but . . . come on: it’s not every day it’s William […]

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Happy Birthday, Pamela Sargent!

An important voice in feminist SF, Pamela Sargent came to prominence as an editor with the ‘Women of Wonder’ SF anthologies, beginning in the mid-seventies, and she has continued to edit works of genre interest. An award-winning short fiction and novel writer, her works include the ‘Earthminds’, ‘Seed’ and ‘Venus’ trilogies, all available as SF […]

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On This Day: James Doohan was Born

Much has been written about the trinity at the centre of Star Trek – Kirk, Spock and McCoy – but for some of us, the heart of the show (and certainly of the USS Enterprise) has always been Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott. And, with all due respect to Simon Pegg, who has many fans at […]

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ICYMI: Irwin Allen

In June last year, we noted the 99th birthday of the king of ’60s TV science fiction, Irwin Allen. And, as today marks twenty-five years since he died, we thought it was high tim for a re-run. After all: syndication is television’s immortality . . . Irwin Allen was born in New York City on […]

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