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Mental Illness

A Beginner’s Guide To Losing Your Mind

‘This is a funny, brutal, kind, sobering, remarkably brave and clear-eyed book. Compelling and necessary.’ Warren Ellis, author of Normal, Gun Machine and Transmetropolitan ‘Emily Reynolds is a brilliant writer on an important subject. And hilarious too.’ Adam Rutherford ‘This book isn’t just brilliantly written and welcoming in its tone; it’s honest, practical and important. […]

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My Sister, the Best Person I know.

Originally published in OPRAH, Monica Wood, author of THE ONE-IN-A-MILLION BOY, writes candidly about her sister Betty’s developmental delays and the loyalty, love and unique sense of humour that comes along with it. In the beginning, she was my big sister: three years older, a head taller, and—I knew even then—not like the rest of us. […]

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