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only the rich stand in our way

Opponents of US version of the NHS are seriously demented

I could have added ‘corrupt’, or ‘bought and paid for by private health corps’, but that practically goes without saying in American politics today. The latest bolus of batshit craziness comes from that paragon of lowbrow gruntertainment, Sarah Palin. This excerpt came from a CNN report: “”And who will suffer the most when they ration care?” she […]

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Humanitys Fire Interim Report: A Whole Lotta Typing Goin’ On

Almost finished the Great Type-Up (wonder what that is in spanish – El Grande Keybasheria, mebbe?). Then once its been through the Mighty Spellcheck, copies shall email-wing their way to my editor, my agents, and sundry other close and trusted compatriots. As is usual when I’ve just finished a book, I have absolutely no idea […]

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