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But Why?

But Why?

But Why?: How to answer tricky questions from your kids and have an honest conversation with yourself while you are at it covers a wide range of topics including bodies, bullying, mental health, sexuality, money, social media and anxiety. It’s a book that aims to help parents tackle those awkward questions that can floor the best of us. Imagine the scene: you’re trying to put the kids to bed, your brain has checked out for the day and suddenly, from nowhere, all manner of unrelated questions are flung into the night-time routine as you’re trying to get them to brush their teeth properly:

Whose fault is all the plastic?
What does racist mean?
Is being skinny good?
What do you mean when you are stressed?
Why is the moon called the moon?
Where does snot come from?

With a foreword by leading psychotherapist Anna Mathur (author of Mind Over Mother) and with input from hundreds of Clemmie’s diverse, experienced, informed and professional followers, this is the book parents have been waiting for. It can’t promise definitive answers, but it will give you a wealth of experience to draw upon, along with tips on how to explore the topics mindfully, pointers on where to seek more information and, perhaps most importantly, a reminder of what you absolutely should avoid saying to your kids even if you are knackered or have been caught off-guard.

The book will also act as a catalyst for our own thoughts on a range of subjects, giving us the opportunity to have honest conversations with ourselves about important topics such as race, gender, sexuality, politics and religion.

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Genre: Health & Personal Development

On Sale: 27th May 2021

Price: £18.99

ISBN-13: 9781472278791