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Hardcover / ISBN-13: 9781801293051

Price: £20

ON SALE: 28th March 2024

Genre: Mathematics & Science

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‘Inspiring and deeply original – transforming abstract concepts into a practical guide’
Ed Catmull, New York Times bestselling author and co-founder of Pixar

We have all experienced a ‘gut reaction’ or acted ‘on a hunch’ – we’ve used our intuition.

Until recently, science didn’t have a good explanation for how intuition works. In fact, some scientists dismissed it altogether as unproveable and ‘woo woo’.

Here, in the first book to explain the science behind intuition, Professor Joel Pearson, an expert in cognitive neuroscience and leader in human consciousness research, turns what we think we know about intuition on its head.

At his dedicated lab at Sydney’s prestigious University of New South Wales, Pearson was able to identify and recreate intuition in a lab, proving its existence and laying the groundwork for this book – a practical and entertaining introduction to the brain science underpinning intuition, and a framework for how we can develop the ability and put it to use, in the boardroom and beyond.

Intuition follows basic rules, and Pearson explains that by understanding them, we can better train ourselves to use our intuition productively, supercharging this incredible human ability and harnessing it toward better decision-making.

Intuition is not a sixth sense – it’s a superpower.