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Chapter Three

Son of the Morning: Chapter Three

This week we’re delighted to bring you the next chapter in our book of the month Son of the Morning. If you missed our last  posts you can catch up with prologue and chapter one here and chapter two here.  Return to Mark Adler’s glorious world of angels and devils. Click here to read Son of the Morning […]

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The Boy With the Porcelain Blade: Chapter 3 and early reviews

Our book of the month for March is the brilliant debut The Boy With the Porcelain Blade from Den Patrick, which is out this Thursday (20th). The blogosphere is already beginning to light up with buzz about it – advance reviews are full of how gripping it is, how appealing the characters are and how rich […]

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Wolves: Chapter Three

The good news is that January is nearly over. The bad news is, this is also means that this is the last chapter of Wolves we’ll be sharing as our book of the month, to make room for next month’s pick. You can catch up on Chapter One and Chapter Two, and some lucky Gollancz […]

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Moon’s Artifice: Chapter three

This week we have chapter three of the brilliant new book from Tom Lloyd, Moon’s Artifice. If you missed out on our previous extracts, you can still catch up with chapter one and chapter two. We sent out some copies of Moon’s Artifice to some lucky Gollancz Geeks this week so keep any eye on […]

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RED COUNTRY: Chapter Three

To celebrate the publication of Red Country (out where all good books are sold on tomorrow) we’re bringing you a sneak peek inside the first three chapters of Joe Abercrombie’s brand new novel. Today, return to the world of Red Country with the third chapter . . . Oh, and because this is a celebration […]

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Trinity Rising – Chapter Three

Chapter Three: TEIA Teia lifted the boiling kettle off the fire with a forked stick and emptied it into the bucket, careful not to splash herself, then refilled it from the other bucket and set it back to heat. Mentally she divided the stack of greasy platters beside her into two. One more bucketful and […]

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 CHAPTER THREE: THE BEST OF US Your August Majesty, We are entirely recovered from the reverse at Quiet Ford and the campaign proceeds. For all Black Dow’s cunning, Lord Marshal Kroy is driving him steadily north towards his capital at Carleon. We are no more than two weeks’ march from the city, now. He cannot fall back […]

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Blue Remembered Earth- Chapter Three

The woman from the bank apologised for keeping him waiting, although in fact it had been no more than minutes. Her name was Marjorie Hu, and she appeared genuinely keen to be of assistance, as if he’d caught her on a slow day where any break in routine was welcome. ‘I’m Geoffrey Akinya,’ he said, […]

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