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Chapter Two

Den Patrick and Jen Williams in conversation

Last night we joined debut fantasy authors Den Patrick (The Boy with the Porcelain Blade) and Jen Williams (The Copper Promise) as they answered questions from Jared Shurin of Pornokitsch at a packed event at Blackwell’s Charing Cross Rd. Jared Shurin kicked off proceedings by promising the first-time writers a ground-breaking, original opening question… one that they’ve surely never been […]

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HEART OF OBSIDIAN Excerpt & Spoiler Zone

Gollancz is thrilled to be hosting an excerpt from the top-secret, game-changing novel Heart of Obsidian today. And here, to introduce it, is the wonderful Nalini Singh! As promised, you’re about to read the first two chapters of Heart of Obsidian. But, before you do, I have some other info for you, so have a quick read […]

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RED COUNTRY: Chapter Two

To celebrate the publication of Red Country (out where all good books are sold on Thursday) we’re bringing you a sneak peek inside the first three chapters of Joe Abercrombie’s brand new novel. Today, return to the world of Red Country  with the second chapter . . . Oh, and because this is a celebration we’ll […]

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Trinity Rising – Chapter Two

Chapter Two: SPEAKER OF THE CRAINNH Drwyn set a torch to his father’s tent at dusk, in accordance with tradition. The flames licked at the painted leather tentatively, as if savouring a strange new food, then found their appetite and leapt up to devour it. In minutes the pyre was well alight, fire swaying and […]

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A further sneak peek inside DEADLOCKED: Chapter Two

We are delighted to be able to be able to exclusively share with you the second chapter of Deadlocked. What a Tuesday treat! Can’t wait till May 1st to catch up with Sookie? Here’s an early trip to Bon Temps!      Chapter Two Fairies. Never simple. My grandmother Adele would definitely have agreed. She’d […]

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Songs of the Earth- Chapter Two: Shadowkin

CHAPTER TWO: SHADOWKIN Wind swept down from the snow-cap with a keenness that cut the breath from Gair’s lungs. He had climbed as high as he dared this time, to a rocky spur far above the tree line where the air was so thin and cold it burned. This was where he belonged. Up here […]

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Blue Remembered Earth- Chapter Two

‘Not clever, brother. It’s a long way down.’ Geoffrey steadied himself and stepped away from the roof ’s edge. He’d been craning his neck, following a bright point of light as it tracked overhead. A Balinese orbital manufactory, according to the aug. For a moment, it had exerted a hypnotic draw on his gaze and […]

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