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David Pringle

Happy Birthday, David Pringle!

Today is the birthday of noted editor David Pringle. In addition to producing two of the best reading guides for the modern genre – Science Fiction: The 100 Best Novels and Modern Fantasy: The 100 Best Novels – David Pringle was one of the founders, and the longest-serving editor, of Interzone. And what is Interzone? […]

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From the Archives: In Praise of . . . Interzone

As we come to the end of a summer that’s seen London busy with the second Nine Worlds Geekfest, hosting the largest World Science Fiction Convention in history and put on the inaugural (and very successful!) Gollancz Festival, the gnomes who run the SF Gateway have need of a rest. But rather than leave you […]

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Readers Choice Winner for January

And now . . . the end is near . . . and so we face . . . the final curtain . . . What’s that? We suffer from an overdeveloped sense of melodrama? Rubbish. What possible evidence do you have to support that?  What? Oh. Right. Well. When you look at it that […]

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In Praise of . . . Interzone

The history of classic science fiction (in which SF Gateway has some small interest …) is, in many ways, the history of the pulp magazines. From the beginning of the modern field, in which they were the only realistic avenue for publication, through the Golden Age as exemplified by John W. Campbell‘s influential run on […]

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