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john w campbell memorial award

Happy Birthday, Christopher Priest!

Can it really be just a year ago that we were wishing a happy birthday to one of Britain’s great post-war novelists – in any genre – the one and only Christopher Priest? Er . . . actually, yes. That’s how these birthday things work, isn’t it?  *ahem* Moving right along . . . You […]

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Happy Birthday, Gregory Benford!

Gregory Albert Benford was born on this day in Mobile, Alabama, in 1941. A leading writer of Hard SF, he received a BSc in physics from the University of Oklahoma, followed by an MSc and PhD from the University of California, San Diego. His breakthrough novel, Timescape, won both the Nebula and John W. Campbell […]

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Gateway Essentials: Robert Charles Wilson

Robert Charles Wilson was born in Whittier, California in 1953 but has spent most of his life in Canada, acquiring citizenship in 2007. He has won the Hugo, Theodore Sturgeon, Philip K. Dick and John W. Campbell Memorial Awards, and has been described by Stephen King as ‘probably the finest science fiction author now writing’. […]

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Masterworks Spotlight: A Deepness in the Sky

Back in January, we opened 2016 by welcoming Vernor Vinge‘s Hugo Award-winning space opera epic A Fire Upon the Deep to the SF Masterworks list. Now, we’re delighted to add Vinge’s prequel, set thirty millennia earlier, A Deepness in the Sky, which went its predecessor one better, winning the Hugo Award for best novel and […]

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Happy Birthday, Stephen Baxter!

We are delighted to be wishing a very Happy Birthday to Gollancz’s very own Stephen Baxter, author extraordinaire, collaborator-to-the-stars, celebrity Liverpool supporter and one of the secret cabal of illuminati known only as The SF Gateway Advisory Board. Steve is the author of (among many other works) the Xeelee and Time’s Tapestry sequences, the NASA […]

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Author of the Month: Joe Haldeman

Only a handful of writers have won both the Hugo and Nebula Awards for the same novel, twice. October’s Author of the Month is one of those writers, winning the 1976 Hugo and Nebula Awards for The Forever War, and repeating the feat two decades later with Forever Peace (1998 Hugo for best novel, 1999 Nebula for best novel). […]

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SF Gateway & Gollancz: the John W. Campbell Award-Winners

As noted earlier in posts about the Hugos, Nebulas, Arthur C. Clarke and BSFA Awards, SF Gateway and Gollancz have quite a decent strike rate in the major genre prizes. So how do we score with the John W. Campbell, Jr Memorial Award? Well, in keeping with earlier efforts: not bad, not bad at all . […]

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SF Masterwork of the Week: The Sea and Summer

One of the arguments used to denigrate science fiction regularly employed by the sort of people who were going to denigrate science fiction anyway, is that it dates far more quickly than other genres. We could argue about (a) whether this is true and (b) whether it matters until the Booker Prize shortlists a genre […]

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