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Mary Gentle

Title Spotlight: Grunts

Sick of the Good Guys always winning no matter the incredible odds stacked against them? Tired of being tricked into cheering on the wholesale slaughter of an entire race? Fed up with grey eyes, a noble bearing and a sword with a name being used as a shorthand for ‘good’? Then have we got a […]

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Gateway Essentials: Mary Gentle

Following on from yesterday’s post, we offer up another serving of Essential Fantasy . .  . or is it Essential SF? Well, some of it’s SF. But some of the SF kinda looks like Fantasy.  Whatever it is, it’s certainly essential. And it’s the handiwork of the multi-talented Mary Gentle . . . Mary Gentle […]

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ICYMI: From the Attic VIII: Short Stories from the ’80s & ’90s (Mostly)

As previously noted, we will be republishing noted critic and reviewer Kev McVeigh’s ‘From the Attic’ columns over the coming weeks, to give new readers the opportunity to encounter his sage observations on some very important and all-too-often overlooked authors . . . Two things: 1. SFF has seemed to me to be the one […]

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ICYMI: From the Attic

Two years ago today, we published the first in a series of posts wherein SF reviewer and critic, Kev McVeigh looked at a issue both topical and important: the place of women in SF and Fantasy. As well as addressing some historical injustices, Kev highlighted a number of more modern women writers who have been […]

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Our Top Five #UnlikelyRomances in SFF

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Love it or hate it, it’s a holiday all about love. This Valentine’s Day we thought we’d mark the occasion by sharing  some of our favourite unlikely romances in SFF. What do we mean by unlikely romances? We mean romantic plots/relationships in books not known for their romances. Here are our Top Five […]

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From the Attic VIII: Short Stories From the ’80s & ’90s (Mostly)

Two things: 1. SFF has seemed to me to be the one place where it is as easy to discover new writers in short forms as at length. 2. I love short fiction but it doesn’t always get the attention it deserves. There are not many novels that turn somehow on a single line the […]

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Author of the Month: Mary Gentle

July’s Author of the Month, Mary Gentle, occupies that most interesting of places – the area where Fantasy and Science Fiction meet and mingle.  Did we say ‘area’? Perhaps that should be ‘areas’. Or perhaps we shouldn’t use the word at all, singular or plural; perhaps we should say ‘attitude’ or ‘approach’ or . . […]

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Friday Reads- Bank Holiday Edition!

We’re getting ready for the Bank Holiday Weekend here at Gollancz Towers and no Bank Holiday would be complete without some fantastic reads. Here’s what Team Gollancz will be reading over the long weekend!  Charlie: Good Omens Darren: The City of Silk and Steel Marcus: Tuf Voyaging Harriet and Marissa: Rivers of London Jen: Far […]

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New Book of the Week: 1610: A Sundial in a Grave

From the BSFA Award-winning author of Ash: A Secret History . . .   Valentin Rochefort, professional duellist and down-at-heels aristocrat, arranges the assassination of Henri IV, King of France. Fleeing from the consequences, he makes for England, on the way picking up two companions: a young boy, Dariole, and a ship-wrecked ‘demon’. Dariole is […]

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SF Gateway: the BSFA Award-winners

With the 65th Eastercon just round the corner and with it the presentation of the BSFA Awards, we thought it appropriate to take a look over the history of the award and see how many of our titles have won the award since it was relaunched in its current form in 1970. And we’re glad […]

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From the Attic: An Introduction

Perhaps it is the position of science fiction on the periphery of mainstream fiction that makes it so open to borrowing from elsewhere, from physics and fairy tales, from philosophy, folklore and myth.  And perhaps it is the position of women on the periphery of mainstream (patriarchal) culture that makes SF so suitable a genre […]

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August New Releases

August is a bumper month for SF Gateway! Whatever that means. We’re appending ourselves to the front and rear of automobiles? Jimmy Anderson, James Pattinson and Dale Steyn are all lining up to bowl short at us? We don’t know. We just don’t know . . . Sorry. I’ll start again. August is a bumper […]

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About six weeks ago, you might recall, we re-published – with the permission of premier Science fiction mag SFX and friend of the Gateway Ken MacLeod – Ken’s insightful SFX Book Club piece on our then SF Masterwork of the Week: James Blish‘s Cities in Flight. We are now delighted to announce that this is […]

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Friday Reads: International Women’s Day

Today’s Friday Reads post is thematic in celebration of International Women’s Day, which has been, quite rightly, trending on Twitter all day, and has evidently got the Gollancz team thinking about all manner of female-focused things. We left the scope pretty open to the team, so here we have a collaboration celebrating everything from bloggers […]

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