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Gateway Essentials: Edmond Hamilton

Forty years ago, today, Edmond Moore Hamilton died, in Lancaster, California. Although his first published sale, ‘The Monster-God of Mamurth’ in the August 1926 issue of Weird Tales, was very firmly in the pulp tradition […]

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Gateway Essentials: Philip Wylie

Philip Wylie is one of science fiction’s best-kept secrets. Not many, today, are aware that he even existed, much less the extraordinary influence he has had on popular culture. Wylie is probably best known for […]

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WEARING THE CAPE a guest post by Edward Cox

We are delighted to welcome Edward Cox back to the Gollancz Blog for a special guest post. What does it mean to wear the cape? Here’s a truth: I struggle to call myself a feminist. […]

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On This Day: Philip Wylie

On this day in 1902, Philip Gordon Wylie was born and the world as we know it was changed forever. Wait. What? Yeah. Philip Wylie. You know: he of When Worlds Collide fame? Filmed in […]

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The Man of Steel?

So, the Gollancz/Gateway team was sitting round a table recently, trying to work out the coming weeks’ blog posts (yes, these things really are planned. Mostly) and someone mentioned the new Superman move, Man of […]

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Superhero week: Friday Reads on Superman: Red Son

Superman: Red Son by Mark Millar, Dave Johnson, Kilian Plunkett, Andrew Robinson and Walden Wong I’m not what you would call an ardent comics fan. I came to Marvel and DC and the like as […]

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Superhero Week: The Wonder of Lynda Carter

JandLAnyone who either knows me, or has seen my tweets, can’t help but notice I am something of a Wonder Woman fan. And it’s all because of Lynda Carter.

The former Miss America first slipped into the slinky costume of red, white and blue back in the 1970s for a TV movie called The New Original Wonder Woman, a wordy title designed to distance it from a terrible first effort a year or so earlier in which a blonde, tracksuited Cathy Lee Crosby played the super heroine but lacked superpowers, the iconic costume and screen presence (and the famous, catchy theme tune). Even earlier than that, the producers of the campy 60s Batman series sought out fresh TV gold from the pages of comic books and commissioned a short pilot film where Wonder Woman was played as a clumsy, single woman still living at home with her mother in 60s suburbia – the main joke appearing to be that as Wonder Woman she wasn’t nearly as attractive as she thought she was. A distinctly insulting approach for an iconic character. Both these curiosity pieces are available on YouTube if you want to lasso them down.

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Superhero Week: Man of Steel Premiere and more favourites

Yesterday team Gollancz hit up the Man of Steel premiere in Leicester Square, armed with Geeks t-shirts and and our awesome Steelheart postcards. We reckon we got a few new recruits to Join the Resistance, and […]

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Superhero Week: Mystery Men

It’s day two of our Gollancz Superhero Week and it’s simultaneously the eve of Man of Steel‘s premiere at which you will find us, Team Gollancz, flyering for one of our steely books (can you guess what […]

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Superhero Week: Man of Steel and other stories

This week sees the release of Man of Steel, the latest Superman movie to be adapted from the DC comic. In other news, and by no means a coincidence, it also happens to be Superhero Week […]

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