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What We’re Watching

What We’re Watching: The Almighty Johnsons Season 3

This is a series you really, really can’t miss. Because it’s wonderful. The Norse gods have been exiled from their homeland and are living in New Zealand. Each of them comes into their god-aspect on their 21st birthday, and from then on have minor but effective powers. However, should Odin (one of the Johnson family […]

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What We’re Watching: The Americans

These days, watching TV is a lot like running a triage. With more TV dramas than ever before, we only have the time to let the best ones through, giving each drama a few episodes apiece before deciding its fate. There are those we dismiss on the strength (or lack thereof) of a single episode […]

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What We’re Watching: DREDD

So I watched DREDD again last night, having seen it in the cinema originally (in 3D). I’m probably biased, as I read loads of 2000AD in my youth (and am enjoying picking up the graphic novels now, although I haven’t read the weekly comic in years and years), but I really enjoyed it. It’s impossible […]

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