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ebook / ISBN-13: 9781472284617

Price: £10.99

ON SALE: 13th October 2022

Genre: Humanities / History / Military History / Second World War

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Al Murray’s passion for military history and the Second World War in particular has always run parallel with his comedy and was brought to the fore with several acclaimed and award-winning television shows and the recent huge success of his podcast We Have Ways of Making You Talk which he hosts with fellow bestselling military author James Holland. In his first serious narrative book, Command showcases Al Murray’s passion for this pivotal period in the twentieth century, as he writes an engaging, entertaining and sharp analysis of the key allied military leaders in the conflict.

Command highlights the performance and careers of some of the leading protagonists who commanded armies, as well as the lesser-known officers who led divisions, regiments and even battalions for the British, Commonwealth and United States of American armies. By showcasing each combat commander across every major theatre of operations the allies fought in, Murray tells the story of how the Western Allies rebounded from early shocking defeats (Dunkirk and Pearl Harbor) to then victories (El Alamein and D-Day) in its efforts to defeat the Axis forces of Nazi Germany and Japan, and what that tells us about the characters and the challenges that faced them. Command is the book for all fans of Second World War History who appreciate a true enthusiast of the genre with something new and compelling to say.


Al Murray's new book proves, if anyone still feels the need to question it, that he is a major historian in his own right. Command is everything popular history should be: authoritative, full of deep wisdom and knowledge, genuinely fresh and original in approach and content, and both compelling and entertainingly written. Skilfully blending the famous names with those lesser known, he examines each in a completely fresh light, focussing on differing aspects that collectively offer a satisfyingly comprehensive whole that takes the reader on a journey across a wide range of landscapes, theatres and battles. It is an utter joy to read from start to finish.
James Holland
With his trademark combination of humour and deep-thinking - an iron fist in a velvet glove - Al Murray's brilliantly incisive debut history forces us to think again about the nature of Command and how the Allies were able to turn disaster into triumph in World War II. Quirky, original and hard-hitting, it is as enjoyable to read as it is instructive.
Saul David
Command is a stunning achievement. This is a book that sucks you in from the first page. Deeply incisive, each paragraph brings a new revelation. Al Murray's writing is as original and his conclusions as controversial as the generals he depicts. At the end of each chapter, you are left exhaling with a sense of "I didn't expect that."
Peter Caddick-Adams